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Elite16 February Etsy Giveaway Winner: Is it YOU?

Happy Valentine's Day!  Thank you so much to all the participants in this month's Elite16 Etsy Giveaway with Holly's super delightful Valentine's Day Spa Gift Set!  We have a lucky winner who gets to treat herself right on this day of love and pampering—congratulations to Jodi C!  You get to enjoy Little Flower Soap Co's handmade, all natural goodness with 5 individual items: a bottle of pink grapefruit Himalayan bath salts, a pink grapefruit french clay soap, a chocolate lip balm, one mescle rescue tin and one skin rescue tin!  Oh-la-la!  Which will you use first?

A big thank you to Holly for joining in the fun this month - with 919 entries, this was a huge success!  Join us right here next month on the 7th of March for our next Elite16 Etsy Giveaway goodness!

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Our February Etsy Giveaway with Little Flower Soap Co!

Our focus on Valentine's Day is always directed outward toward our partner, but what if we treated Valentine's Day as a time we celebrate ourselves?  Meaning—give yourself the gift of something super special because by golly, you deserve it!  Well, this is exactly what we're aiming to do here with this month's amazing Elite16 Etsy Giveaway.  Holly of Little Flower Soap Co is going to help you pamper and spoil yourself rotten with her Valentine's Day Spa Gift Set!  Check out the amazing items that are included—a bottle of pink grapefruit Himalayan bath salts, a pink grapefruit french clay soap, a chocolate lip balm, one muscle rescue tin and one skin rescue tin—all in a box with a red grosgrain ribbon!  Are you feeling oh-so special and relaxed already?

Our February Elite16 Etsy Giveaway runs from February 7-13 and our lucky winner will be announced on the 14th—Valentine's Day!  Remember, don't forget to spread the love because each time you do extra, we give you extra points to win!  Good Luck!

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Personalize Your Valentine's Day Gift!

1. Love Heart Hand Carved Rubber Stamp by talk to the sun
2. Heart Stamp with Initials by Happy Rainy Day
3.  Hand Carved Circle Heart Set by creatiate
4. I Love You Stamp by Perrodin Supply Co

We're moving into the final phase of Valentine's Day gift buying and we've been covering different Etsy gift ideas for about a month, starting with our Valentine's Day special issuu catalog.  I'm going to assume that you've purchased your gift and have it hidden away, tucked underneath the mattress.  So today, I'm turning my attention to personalizing your packaging with stamps.  I don't know about you, but I love stamping!  I've selected 4 rubber stamps from some of my favorite shops on Etsy to help you add that finishing touch to your gift.  You could use any of these to design your own card or create a hang tag, create your own wrapping paper or stamp away on some adhesive labels to make some super cute stickers!  (I'm picturing some round stickers...)  Oooh, this is starting to sound like a lot of fun!  This Valentine's Day, get crafty and add that extra special touch to your gift for your sweetie.


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Let's Be Adventurers

Love and travel. What's more exciting than exploring the world with the one you love!
Whether you are backpacking in Prague, biking in Amsterdam or exploring the Outback : do it in STYLE. With the right accessories make your next trip an unforgettable adventure.

|| Adventurous Love || 
1. Settlers Sack by may.tree.ark
2. travel journal by degno di nota
3. world map from bonnbonn
4. emerald heart ring by la chica de los anillos
5. bike shelf by Chrome LTD
6. vintage letterpress type from Monki Vintage

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Get into Gear - Valentine's Day Gifts!

top Vintage Letterpress Be Mine by Monki Vintage
bottom left Valentine Heart Art Bowl by Romy and Clare
bottom middle Valentine's Triangle Silk Scarf by By Cinne Worthington
bottom right Rose & Chamomile Sachet by The Living Earth Botanicals

The first day of February is officially here and that means 13 more days until Valentine's Day!  I think it's time to get those gift giving partners in gear with a little inspiration from the handmade and vintage world of Etsy!  Planning something special doesn't have to involve a strategic outline that's pages long—you can keep it simple and still achieve something very memorable.  The thing that I love about buying from Etsy is the personalized attention to detail and the connection with the artisans who run the shop.  So here are some ideas to pass along!

Vintage wooden letterpress type have such a beautiful patina and they are cool decor pieces on their own, but Kiki of Monki Vintage combines them here to spell out "Be Mine" - a neat gift idea that is sure to leave an impression (no pun intended!).  Cute!  Small bowls are something I use all the time and if you're looking for a functional gift, I thought this heart art bowl by Romy & Clare was perfect!  Functional, artful, colorful and in the shape of a heart - the symbol of love.  Red is the color of Valentine's Day, so why not wrap your sweetie in a gorgeous silk scarf by Cinne of By Cinne Worthington - luxurious!  Finally, what spells romance more than the scent of a rose?  Amanda & Ginger of The Living Earth Botanicals offer 3 rose & chamomile sachets infused with Bulgarian Rose essential oil for a gift that is filled with a "dreamy, romantic aroma".

Four memorable gifts - which one will you choose?  Need more ideas?  See my whole collection here!

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3 Weeks Until Valentine's Day - Need Help?

1. Mini Ceramic Hearts Bowl by Ross Lab
2. Ceramic Heart Earrings by Karo Art
3. 100% Natural Herbal Bath Bombs by Growing Up Herbal
4. Ombre Hearts Art Block by Red Tile Studio
5. Organic Red Heart Love Ring by La Chica de los Anillos

I sometimes wonder where the graphic for a heart came from.  It's certainly not based on the organ in our bodies; no, that would not be as attractive as this beautifully symmetrical, fluid shape.  Hearts are the universal symbol of love and a perfect way to show someone how much you care anytime of year, but especially during Valentine's Day.  This romantic celebration of love is just 3 weeks away—the sweet spot for getting your Etsy orders placed!  Don't wait until the last minute as some items are made to order and some will ship from overseas, so plan ahead this year and surprise even yourself at how organized you are!  (That was on your new year's resolution list, right?)  I've highlighted 5 handmade heart shaped Etsy gifts and you can see my whole collection of 16 right here.  Nothing says "I Love You" like a heart!

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