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Etsy Shop Introduction || Trees 4 the Wood

Imagine living on a flower farm in Southern Tasmania. Sounds pretty ideal and it's easy to see how this idyllic setting has inspired artist Grace Gladdish and her shop trees 4 the wood.  When she's not tending to Swallows Nest her flower farm or her 5 children, she somehow finds spare time to create beautiful linocut prints.  Her prints are inspired by local flora and fauna that surround her in Australia.

In addition, to prints she also offers painted pendants on wood from her farm, laser cut brooches with vintage fashion images, and paper goods that include her linocut designs. My favorite items in her shop are the linocuts of flowers featuring Australian natives. Can you imagine all these beautiful flowers growing outside your home?  

Find out more about Grace and her wonderful shop by following the links below.

instagram || @gladdish
facebook || trees4thewood

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Summer Stylist Series #2 || Cinne Worthington

This is our second post of the month where we highlight a full outfit chosen by our guest stylist Cinne of Etsy shop by Cinne Worthington.  She has got a super treat for us today!  If you missed her first outfit titled TRUELIFE - be sure to check it out right here!  At the end of the unveiling of our 4th outfit by Cinne, we'll be asking you to tell us which one was your favorite and you'll automatically be entered to win a $20 gift card to Etsy.  Be sure to watch for the details!

It's official.  Cinne is my new favorite fashion goddess!  I thought I knew how to stretch the limits of the art of layering, but Cinne has a wonderful flair to her sense of style.  It's evident in the way she mixes things up in her handmade silk scarves, but that's just a small swatch of her true potential.  This snappy and oh so pretty outfit was inspired by the floral pattern mixes of Dolce & Gabbana and Dries Van Noten along with the Floral Love poster by Jessica Turnbow, shown above.  I love that Cinne has been sharing her inspiration with us so that we can see what she's drawing upon to curate her outfit.  Her bold use of color and sexy matching of different prints would make any woman feel empowered while wearing this outfit!  The bright turquoise scarf and earrings really make the other colors pop and bring the ensemble together quite brilliantly.

Each item shown is available on Etsy, so follow the links if you're ready to rock it out this summer!  Presto - Cinne has just put together a smashing outfit for your next summer party and we've made it easy for you to shop.  Just follow the links below!

Outfit #2
FLORALNOSTALGIA by guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington

Pink Calico Sunnies || Blac Vintage
Red Coral Fringe Necklace || Liora Jewelry
Eco Friendly Cuff Bracelet || leslie janson
Vintage Animal Print Suede Shoes || nemres
Fitted Vintage Floral Top || thriftage
60s Floral Pink Pants || vintagegemb60
20 x 30 Large LOVE Poster Print || Pastel Fables
Indian Embroidery Silk Purse || zaipur
Spring Green Silk Scarf || tocamade
Vintage 1950's Earrings  || miss farfalla

See you next week as we introduce Cinne's next creation!

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Build a Collection || Our Giveaway Challenge

Our May giveaway with  Be Something New is in full swing!  The lucky winner will score a $40 gift certificate towards anything in Jill's fabulous shop.  We asked our talented curator's to build a collection around any item from Be Something New and here are some of our favorites. Don't forget to enter by May 14th!

Woodland Wedding  curated by Palimpsestic
1. vintage dress ● Zwzzy
2. flower headband ● Be Something New
3. lichen ring ● Peiffer Studios
4. custom wedding stamp  ● creatiate

Romantic Floral curated by Red Tile Studio
1. vintage hair clip ● Be Something New
2. floral pillowJillian Rene Decor
3. shabby chic dress ● Broken Ghost Clothing
4. wedding ring dish ● Orly Design

Blushing Bride curated by lebotanicals
1. still life art print ● inameliart
2. rose garden lip balm ● Winsome & Green
3. gold and pink sapphire earrings ● Lunarbelle
4. flower bobby pins ● Be Something New

Herr u. Frau curated by Romy and Clare
1. wedding guest book ● Three Trees Bindery 
2. guest book wedding puzzle ● Bella Puzzles Too
3. bridal headband ● Be Something New
4. diy birch garland ● Palimpsestic

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7 Ways to Live with Floral!

Folks, tomorrow is May 1st.  Yup, I'm feeling the warm sun on my skin, lush green lawns and bountiful flowers popping up everywhere!  I always make time to enjoy fresh flowers and love bringing their beauty into the home to freshen things up.  But today, I'm going to give you 7 ways to enjoy the power of florals everyday!  Each selection marks a different way you can live with florals - will you wear them, decorate your home with them, enjoy their scent in a perfume or take a bath in them?  Hmmmm...they all sound lovely!

Browse through the list below and find which one matches your style!

1.  Retro Dress in 1940's Floral || Let's Backtrack
2.  Floral Bath Tea, Cloud 9 || The Living Earth Botanicals
3.  Daisy and Burlap Hippie Tie Headband || Be Something New
4.  Floral Decor Love Typography Print || Pastel Fables
5.  Petal Pink Flower Pillow || Jillian Rene Decor
6.  Lavender Lace Necklace || Branchbound
7.  Vespertina Organic Botanical Perfume || Illuminated Perfume

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Color Focus | Floral Patterns in Purple ( or perhaps Red Bud)

The beginning of Spring to me always starts with those first blooms on our red bud trees. That hot pink- fuchsia- purple color that bursts forth around mid February means Spring has begun.  I started to post this as a floral pattern roundup and then realized that all the flowers I had picked out reminded of the colors on the red bud tree. I guess it only makes sense as spring is officially only two weeks away + floral pattern is hot right now. Don't these shades of purple and pink make you excited about a fresh new season? Let the garden lounging begin!

Color Focus Favorites:
1.  Retro Dress 1940's Floral || Let's Backtrack
2.  Hellebore Flower Photograph || Pure Nature Photos
3.  Silk Scarf || By Cinne Worthington
4.  Spring Clutch || Mama Bleu Designs
5.  Green Dress || Assaf Pelleg

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Blossoming Into Spring

1.  Woodland Nature Photography by Pure Nature Photos
2. Pair of Vintage Enamel Containers by Project Sarafan
3.  Custom Tea Dress by soho mode
4.  Floral Vintage Headband by Be Something New

When I saw this beautiful collection by Aki of Etsy shop oktak titled abloom, I immediately fell in love with the soft and dreamy world she created with her 16 selections.  The Etsy treasury system is such a fantastic way to showcase your favorite items together in a mini gallery setting and it's a wonderful tool for creative expression.  Spring has been ever present on my mind as I anxiously await the melting of snow and bursting forth of color.  I have also been giving the word "flowering" a lot of thought lately as it pertains to my own personal blossoming this year.  It's such a lovely metaphor for an inner awakening, a transformation that then organically comes to the surface and "flowers" into a new reality.    Many may not even be aware of all that is getting ready to blossom in the world, but it is already here.  Now we just have to open our hearts and receive.

What's blossoming in your heart this year?


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