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Celebrate Earth Day with Etsy!

Earth Mama by Red Tile Studio

Here at Elite16, we're all about helping people connect with some of the best shops on Etsy.  If you've ever tried searching the Etsy site, you will be able to relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed with so many search results to look through!  As shop owners on Etsy, we bring you Inside Etsy by curating mini shopping guides where we present 16 of our favorite items together in a stylized grouping.  To celebrate Earth Day, we've asked our team of curators to create theme based collections inspired by Mother Nature.  I'll be highlighting four of my favorite in this post, but you can see the whole range of collections here - you'll notice we've added the twist of combining "mother" with "earth" to celebrate both the upcoming Mother's Day and Earth Day!

The above collection titled Earth Mama is curated by Amber of Red Tile Studio and it reminds me of a beautiful woodland garden.  She uses an earthy brown tone to set the stage and then punctuates the collection with vibrant greens, blues and a hint of pink.  This soothing Earth Day shopping guide is filled with great gift ideas for the earthy mom!

Dark Forest by Knit Frekkles

This next collection comes from Nic of Knit Frekkles and is titled Dark Forest.  Nic has a special touch when it comes to curating shopping guides and when you click on the link, you'll see what I'm talking about!  She is able to communicate a mood through the items she pairs together so that not only will you find super cool items, but you'll also admire the natural beauty of her collections.  True to her title Dark Forest, this Earth Day shopping guide literally takes you by the hand and guides you through a mysterious and lovely place - isn't this a fun way to shop Etsy?  We think so!

less CO2 by bonnbonn 

In this shopping guide by Bonnie of bonnbonn, she uses a really creative title to unify her Earth Day collection - less CO2!  Don't you just love it?  Bonnie's collection is filled with 16 items which all reference nature through earthy patterns and colors.  Can you imagine trying to find such items on your own through an Etsy search?  It wouldn't be fun, right?  Let us do the hard work for you and present our favorites in a stylish layout which is both gorgeous and useful!  Bonnie's shopping guide feels like walking through a meadow where shopping Etsy feels as easy as taking a deep breath!  Nice!

Upcycle Me Pretty by Growing Up Herbal

I'll finish up with this super cool shopping guide by Meagan of Growing Up Herbal titled Upcycle Me Pretty.  Aside from the creative title, Meagan has put together 16 upcycled items for you to choose from - an awesome way to celebrate Earth day, don't you think?  When you look at Meagan's complete collection of 16 items, you'll immediately notice how she's used color and texture to unify her guide.  What makes our team of curators unique is their skill in creating shopping guides that are not only filled with cool Etsy finds, but styled for your viewing pleasure.  Which is evident in this collection by Meagan and all others featured here!

Hope you've enjoyed our Earth Day Shopping Guide celebration - Etsy style, of course!

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Mother Earth Day || A Style Guide Challenge

1.  arrow head studs | o bliss jewellery
2. ikat scarf | french felt
3.  triangle shelves | Perrodin Supply Co.
4.  triangle necklace | A Quiet Curiosity
5. screen printed cowgirl blouse | zwzzy
Spring is in full bloom. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the Sun sets later and later each night. With all this nature waking up from a long winter's sleep it's the perfect time to celebrate this beautiful planet we live on.  Earth Day ( April 22nd) was created to raise awareness of our environment and to protect and conserve our natural resources. Our Style Guide Challenge will merge our celebration of our beautiful planet + Mother's Day (May 12th).  That' why we are calling it our Mother Earth Day Challenge. To kick off this fun combination of holidays we created some gift guides for Mom built around different regions or landscapes.


Style Guide Details:
On the 16th of each month, you can count on us to bring you Inside Etsy.  We work with a team of talented gift guide curators who also happen to be shop owners on Etsy.  Why is that important?  Well, you can trust us when we say that we all spend way more time than we may be willing to admit not only managing our shops, fulfilling orders, and answering questions, but also on creating what Etsy calls a treasury.  It's a tool that you can use to put together a showcase of 16 items together in a group, which then means we spend even more time finding those items by scouting around for favorites!   We know how to navigate around and through our own internal networking, we know where to look for those quality items.  Through our gift guides, we do the hard work for you!  Sound good?  Excellent. 

Over the course of the next 3 days, we'll be sharing our Style Guide Collections with you.  These are theme based collections.  Want to see them?  Click here or on the button over on the side that says "Style Guide".  Presto.  Your personal Etsy shoppers at your service!!

1. head band | Seven White Rabbits
2. silk scarf | by Cinne Worthington
3.  scallop shell pillow | created by storm
4. lavender bath salt | little flower soap co.
5.  earth and sea pendant | Studio by the Forest

1.  coral summer dress | Assaf Pelleg
2. pink striped iPhone case | Red Tile Studio
3.  porcelain wood block vase | L & M Studio
4.  set of paper sculptures | The Vintage Vogue Story
5. hammered wrap ring | lolide

1.  trois wall vase set | Pig & Fish
2.  chalkboard with clay tile magnets | romy and clare
3.  laminated zipper pouch | oktak 
4. daisy stamp | creatiate
5. flower bobby pins | be something new

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