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Going Local || Etsy Favorites from Colorado

We love sharing with you new and fun finds on Etsy. We also love pinning our finds on Pinterest. We've asked our members from all over the globe to pin their favorite Etsy goodies from shops in their state, country or town.  We then take the best of their local finds and share them with you.  If you can't get enough check out our pinterest page and see if your area has already been pinned!

Pinners: Jenn of Palimpsestic and Helen of Cloth and Ink
Home Country: United States
Area Pinned: Colorado
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Follow Helen: @clothink
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Going Local Finds in Colorado--

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Virgo || Star Signs

As we head into September it's a perfect time explore some gifts made especially for Virgo's or those that have birthdays between August 23rd and September 22nd.  If you fall under this star sign you are known for your analytical skills and your thrifty nature which sounds like you have great traits for shopping on Etsy. Happy Birthday Virgo!

Virgo || Star Sign
1. zodiac memory || 88 editions
2. felted soap || So Fino
3. lavender gift set || Swamp Angel Soap
4. virgo art print || Krize
5. constellation locket || Khara LeDonne
6. virgo necklace || Brooklyn Charm

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Going Local || Etsy Favorites in Indiana

We love sharing with you new and fun finds on Etsy. We also love pinning our finds on Pinterest. We've asked our members from all over the globe to pin their favorite Etsy goodies from shops in their state, country or town.  We then take the best of their local finds and share them with you.  If you can't get enough check out our pinterest page and see if your area has already been pinned!

Pinner: Carolyn of Romy and Clare
Home Country: United States
Area Pinned: Indiana
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Going Local Finds in Indiana---

1. paintings || focus line art
2. art print || juliana burrell
3. duffy dining table || hedge house
4. mirror || uncommon
5. ceramic box || davis vachon
6. necklace || laurels bench
7. chartreuse pottery || miss j pottery

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Summer Home Stylist Series || Cinne Worthington

In today's Summer Home Stylist Series by Cinne of by Cinne Worthington, we are taken inside an imaginary world inspired by the artist Julian Schnabel.  Julian has been known for walking around the streets of New York in his paint splattered silk pajamas - a sure sign of an artists passion and focus.  Cinne takes that visual and translates it into her own work of art right here - let's call it "The Fine Art of Dining"!  What would it be like to live and work in your PJ's all day?  How would your kitchen be decorated and function to feed both your belly and your creative spirit?  Great questions!

With each of her selections, Cinne has created a world where you keep your artist's inspiration close by your side at all times.  Sitting down for a scone?  Keep the art utensils at your place setting - never know when you have to switch between a fork and a pencil!  Have a stand for your cookbook?  Yup, it's now the perfect place to put artwork for inspiration and offers the flexibility of changing it up depending on your creative mood.  Cinne keeps the furnishings fresh and funky by reupholstering various mid century chairs - a sure way to keep the energy flowing as your eye works from one pattern to the other.  This dining experience would be filled with vibrant colors and light would twinkle off the over-the-top elegance and shine off the contemporary styling - shall we call it roco?  Wall space would be artfully decorated with an eclectic flair and wall spaces above cabinets would showcase artwork.  It's clear that as an artist, Cinne understands how to channel that passion into home decor!

Wow, Cinne - what an awesome space to live in!  I'm inspired to pick up my breakfast plate and step into this world.  I'm glad I get to keep my PJ's on all day too!  What about you?  Will you join me?


All items in The Fine Art of Dining are available on Etsy!   

Vintage Dripping Glass Crystal Chandelier
from Oceanswept

Plates Porcelain Gray Set

Screen Printed Placemat
By Lucien Pritchard

Re-Upholstered 1970's Teak Chair

Iconic Lane Dining Chairs for a whole set (not included in photo layout) 
from oldbonescompany

Architecture Fabric

Script Alphabet Chalkbord Slate Fabric

Custom Laser Engraved Concrete Wall Peg
by Zeitgeistfactory

Men's PJ Set
from Phoenixinfire

Chinoiserie Beaded Maroon Velvet Slippers

Leather Pencil Case
by modulem

Upcycled Dry Soda Bottle Glass
by yava glass

Mid Century Modern Shoe Display Stand
from Bellalulu

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Etsy Shop Introduction || Trees 4 the Wood

Imagine living on a flower farm in Southern Tasmania. Sounds pretty ideal and it's easy to see how this idyllic setting has inspired artist Grace Gladdish and her shop trees 4 the wood.  When she's not tending to Swallows Nest her flower farm or her 5 children, she somehow finds spare time to create beautiful linocut prints.  Her prints are inspired by local flora and fauna that surround her in Australia.

In addition, to prints she also offers painted pendants on wood from her farm, laser cut brooches with vintage fashion images, and paper goods that include her linocut designs. My favorite items in her shop are the linocuts of flowers featuring Australian natives. Can you imagine all these beautiful flowers growing outside your home?  

Find out more about Grace and her wonderful shop by following the links below.

instagram || @gladdish
facebook || trees4thewood

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Summer Home Stylist Series || Cinne Worthington

As I got ready to write this post, I had to go and review Cinne's about page to make sure I didn't miss "interior designer" as one of her many talents!  It's clear by now that Cinne's eye for style extends far beyond the beautiful scarves in her Etsy shop by Cinne Worthington.  Following her theme of how fun it is to collect art on Etsy, Cinne has created a super cool home decor vingnette for us this week, centered around an art collector's foyer.  If you've been following Cinne's posts, you'll come to notice that she loves to challenge the "white wall syndrome" with her ability to blend different colors, patterns, and styles to create something totally new, yet totally harmonious.  I love how she has gone on an international road trip and combined the 4 major pieces in the room - a mid century floor lamp, an antique red Chinese credenza, a Moroccan Berber rug, and a handmade Danish chair.  They may all speak different languages, but they're all communicating just perfectly here!  While those 4 items ground the room, Cinne fills in with throw pillows to wall hanging accents to finish it off with perfection.  You want to hire her as your interior designer now, right??  

And yes, everything you see in the image above is available on Etsy!  So - let's get styling and let's get shopping!

the art collector's foyer
Mid century modern floor lamp (thank you for the background/floor photo!)

Antique Chinese Storage Credenza or Console in Lacquered Red

Moroccan Berber Beni Quarain Design Rug

Handmade Danish Ladderback Lounge Chair
Fish Bowl Wash Basin (used as display)

Vintage Suzanni Cushion

Rustic Burlap Sack Cusion with cross

Robert Allen decorative pillow
Male Head 02
by roughfusion

Antler No. 6990 photograph
by kariherer

Substitute Print form original fashion illustration
by LeighViner

Adirondack Marsh original painting
by Chrissy Pahucki of blackdirt
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