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Back to School - Adorn Yourself!

There are many different angles to take on how to prepare for going back to school.  The common theme here is "new", right?  Even if you like to shop at consignment shops, it's "new" to you.  Sure, not all of us are getting ready to head on back to classroom 408 in Dexter Hall for Advanced Calculus and yet that feeling of getting new outfits for the start of the school year stays with us.  Today, I'm taking a look at some jewelry options for the fall.  Colors start to transition to warmer tones and away from the sunlight juiciness of summer.  Jewelry is really a year round favorite and is something you can enjoy everyday!  

So, even if you're not going back to school, you can give yourself permission to splurge on some new outfits and dress it up with handmade jewelry from Etsy!

top left   eco resin bracelet   |||   rosella resin
top right   sterling & fused gold ring set   |||   kathi roussel
bottom left   ceramic bead necklace   |||   shinos world
bottom right   feathered sterling earrings   |||   o bliss jewellery

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Summer Stylist Series || Go Vintage #3 with Miss Farfalla

We're rounding out the end of the month with our last Go Vintage Summer Stylist Series by Chris of Miss Farfalla.  Each of her previous 2 posts have explored a different time period - first to the Roaring 20's and then onto the Depression Era of the 1930's.  This week, Chris is peeking into the 1940's with a bit of romance in a the cigarette filled bar.  She paints the picture for us below and finishes her post with a song clip with you can almost hear playing in the background.  Each of her period selections are all available on Etsy and would make a dashing impression if anyone walked into a bar dressed with such style and mystery - all in black!

Feeling inspired on what to wear on your next night out?  Thank you so much, Chris!

A Case of Noir

She sits at the end of a smoky bar and the neon lights up her Maybelline. She wonders if he’ll be there tonight or if she should ever wonder ever again. The war’s over and maybe she’ll just leave. Jump the train to Chicago or maybe keep going… Hollywood? She was told she has those eyes. 

But for now she hears the intro. Adjusts the seams in her stockings and walks to the spotlight. Saxaphone for four slow bars. Lucky Strikes glow in the audience. Torch songs for twenty minutes… then dreams in the neon again. War’s over. Maybe he’ll be back. Maybe tonight.

Marguerite - 1940's Black Wool Hat  ||  The Mad Hat Lady
Gold Plated Vintage Cigarette Case  ||  Power of One Designs
1940's Slow Dancing Dress  ||  Wildfell Hall Vintage
Vintage 1940's Necklace  ||  Old Chestnut Cottage
Ivory Satin Silk Pumps 1940's  ||  Slate Vintager
1940's Vintage Corde Handbag  ||  Salome Vintage

“You go to my head and you linger like a haunting refrain
And I find you spinning 'round in my brain
Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne

You go to my head like a sip of sparkling Burgundy brew
And I find the very mention of you
Like the kicker in a julep or two”

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Etsy Shop Introduction || Trees 4 the Wood

Imagine living on a flower farm in Southern Tasmania. Sounds pretty ideal and it's easy to see how this idyllic setting has inspired artist Grace Gladdish and her shop trees 4 the wood.  When she's not tending to Swallows Nest her flower farm or her 5 children, she somehow finds spare time to create beautiful linocut prints.  Her prints are inspired by local flora and fauna that surround her in Australia.

In addition, to prints she also offers painted pendants on wood from her farm, laser cut brooches with vintage fashion images, and paper goods that include her linocut designs. My favorite items in her shop are the linocuts of flowers featuring Australian natives. Can you imagine all these beautiful flowers growing outside your home?  

Find out more about Grace and her wonderful shop by following the links below.

instagram || @gladdish
facebook || trees4thewood

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Ready to go GEOmetric this summer?

Geometric designs are a year round favorite for me.  There's no seasonal limit to when you can enjoy these fun shapes, patterns and designs.  Summer just seems to bring out the playful side of geometrics and you can really get away with mixing it up!  Are you bold enough to step outside of the solid colors and have a little fun?  I'm always up for FUN!  As you may already know, I'm a big fan of layering and I don't shy away from combining squares up against circles and triangles.  Why not?  My summer geometric favs today follow a very lose color scheme and really push the mixing and matching idea!

What do you think?

ONE         Geometric Market Tote || Geometric Electric
TWO        Geometric Wood Necklace \\ Mmim   
THREE    Modern iPhone 5 Case || Red Tile Studio
FOUR      Circle Coin Purse \\ oktak
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This Summer - Go Bohemian Chic!

Is the sun shining where you're at today?  Tomorrow is June 1st and although we've had what seems like weeks of cold and rainy weather in Maine - I am so ready for sun, shades, and shorts!  This summer, I'm thinking of funking things up with earrings.  I'm going for a cool and chilled out look with tight t-shirts and jeans.  Along with my favorite flip flops and topping off my look with some bold earrings.  Can you picture it?  I'm loving the shapes and colors of these earrings here - they all have a Bohemian flair to them and would fit my summer look with perfection!

What sort of outfit would you wear these earrings with this summer?

1.  Bohemia Swarovski Earrings || Peppermint Fix
2.  Bohemian Chandelier Earrings || Dark Ride
3.  Gypsy Turquoise Chandelier Earrings || Lunar Belle
4.  Lace Earrings Galatea || White Owl

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Our May Elite16 Etsy Giveaway Winner IS...

One lucky winner is going to have a lot of fun looking through over 260 items listed in Jill's Etsy shop Be Something New to pick out which item they'd like to use their prize toward!  How fun!  Well, let us delay no longer...  Using the Rafflecopter widget, we have selected a random winner out of our 611 entries.  Congratulations to Sladana S. #369 - you're about to have some fun getting gorgeous for the summer!  Thank you so much to Jill who has offered up this generous prize and we hope Sladana S. that you'll share with us on our Facebook page which item you ended up selecting!

Our next Elite16 Etsy Giveaway will be next month on June 7th.  Just remember - Lucky 7!  On the 7th of each month, we bring you this fun event and opportunity to win a handmade item from some of the best shops on Etsy!  As always, we look forward to seeing you then!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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