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Relax :: Take a Bath

We are fast approaching that time of year where the holiday running shoes come out and the days speed ahead - before you know it, it will be 2015!  Doesn't it feel like the pace picks up dramatically after Thanksgiving?  During times like these where the energy starts to ramp up around and within me, I try to make sure I make room for some R&R.  I'll be the first to admit that I am terrible at relaxing.  Yes, terrible!  Is it even possible to be terrible at relaxing? is.  However, the one place where I can really let go and just allow my body stress to melt away is in the tub.  Inspired by the thought of a good long soak before Thanksgiving, I put together a mini-stress relief, get-in-the-tub gift guide!  Light a candle, draw the water while pouring in some fragrant bath salts, unpack some handmade soap, get your towel out and let's do some RE-laxing!  

So - I'm very curious to know ..."When was the last time YOU took a bath???"   And... if you have any tips on relaxing - I would LOVE to know, so make sure to tell me in the comments below! 


Relax :: Take a Bath

1. custom tub caddy :: peg and awl

2. juniper sage and lavender bath salts :: swamp angel soap

3. lavender and chamomile soy candle :: plain j body and home

4. you choose 3 bars all natural soap :: little flower soap co

5. washed linen bath towel :: choisette

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