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Gift Guides

Gift Ideas :: For the Hostess

It's the holiday season and that probably means you are attending a lot of parties. As every good guest knows, you should never show up empty handed.  The problem is what type of gift should you bring the host? Well if you are good friends with the host that usually is not a problem as you might know their favorite wine or dessert. The hard part is when you don't know the host or hostess. That's why I've put together this handy hostess gift guide. It was actually inspired by a collection curated by Jillian of Jillian Rene Decor and I added a few items as well. Bonus, all these items are handmade!

1. leather journal :: jackdaw bindery

2. monogram pillow :: mama bleu designs 

3. sweet citron green tea :: artful tea

4. citron apron :: small batch productions

5. "it's good to be home" embroidery hoop :: sarah k. banning 

6. tea towel :: xenotees 

7. porcelain tray :: reseed 

8. color block pillows :: jillian rene decor 

9. honeycomb jar :: melissa maya pottery

10. oven mitt :: oktak 

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide :: For Him

Let's face it. Sometimes men are the hardest to shop for during the holiday season. I know I have always struggled with finding something useful + doesn't seem like I picked it out at the last minute. We can do better than socks or ties! That's why I love our latest shopping guide that's just FOR HIM.  With a mix of handmade and vintage finds, there is something for everyone. You can thank us later!

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide :: For Him

1. vintage mid century modern bar set :: mungo and midge

2. vintage boy scouts back pack :: this charming man cave

3. stoneware shaving scuttle :: kirkwood clay

4. black and white chambray striped pillows :: jillian rene decor

5. vintage deer skull lamp :: iron charlie

6. ipad storage + key holder :: pig and fish

7. plaid scarf :: c. banning men

8. saw blade t shirt :: xenotees

9. gray leather shoes :: adi kilav

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Inspired By

Everyday Mantras :: Take a Deep Breath

My life for the past few months has felt like it's been on roller skates and sometimes even the bullet train!  The days fly by in a sort of **zoom** where one minute I'm getting out of bed and the next minute I'm getting ready for bed.  I realized today just how hectic life can get and thought it was the perfect time to reset my everyday F-1 race car blaze through life.  Since it's easy to default to the old setting, I love the idea of inviting in an Everyday Mantra through an item that has been handmade by a fellow artist.  I feel the key to remembering to actually slow down through the day is to surround yourself with positive reminders to be grateful, open your heart and love or get outside and take a walk in nature.  I've put together a starter collection to get inspired and begin the process of BEing present to the NOW!

I know I'm not alone out there, so make sure you share your everyday practice of being mindful in the comments below!


Everyday Mantras :: Take a Deep Breath

1. thankful tea towel :: apple white

2. listen to the forest poster :: willow and sass

3. decorative pillow :: joy love create

4. coral typography love print :: field trip

5. embroidery dream hoop art :: mama bleu designs 

6. black & white screen printed felt flag :: toodles noodles

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Gift Guides

Affordable Etsy Gifts :: $32 and Under

Gift giving is a 365 day event - not limited to a season or specific date.  What I love most about gift giving is the spirit behind it; that desire to share something beautiful with another.  Etsy is a gift giving wonderland, but with so many options to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming!  That's where comes in - we do the sifting and sorting for you so you can drop in anytime to find that perfect gift!  Let's get started with a little taste of what Etsy has to offer with our collection of Affordable Gifts :: $32 and Under!  We've put together a curated selection of handmade and vintage gifts - all $32 and Under.     

Be sure to follow our Elite16 page on Etsy so you can stay on top of being a gift giving superstar!



Affordable Gifts :: $32 and Under

1. wildflower wood pendant :: trees 4 the wood

2. canvas cat tote :: xenotees

3. happy home embroidery hoop :: sarah k benning

4. geometric red notebook :: mi plus ed design

5. red and white polkadot twist headband :: seven white rabbits

6. set of 8 - hello cards :: sea and lake

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Trees 4 the Wood | Giveaway Challenge

Our February giveaway with Trees 4 the Wood ends in just two days! If you haven't entered yet, please do. As part of our giveaway we ask our curators to come up with collections showcasing the giveaway items or items from the featured shop. 

Here are the results.

Hello Pretty

1. you're pretty card ● sarah k. benning

2. wooden brooch ● trees 4 the wood

3. coral bangle ● pinguim

4. coral pillow ● giardino

5. ranunculus photograph ● elle moss

Garden Season

6. botanical garden print ● created by storm

7. gardener's lemon lavender soap ● swamp angel soap

8. australian native flower cards ● trees 4 the wood

9. organic cauliflower seeds ● cubits

10. garden markers ● studio by the forest

11. garden tote in rust ● artifact bag

Awesome Stuff

12. geometric planter ● karen kimmel studios

13. forget me not ceramic plate ● karo art 

14. totem kitty ● melabo

15. blue wren card ● trees 4 the wood

16. paris postcard set in blue ● the paris print shop

Spring Gifting

17. orange grevilea cards ● trees 4 the wood

18. apron ● cocos apron

19. earrings ● studio luna verde

20. scroll handled mug ● kirkwood clay


Don't forget that our giveaway with Trees 4 the Wood is ending in just two days with a fabulous prize package.

Our February 2014 Lucky 7 Giveaway Prize Package:

1. wooden wren brooch

2. linoprint greeting card set of 5 

3. linoprint bookmark

Good Luck!

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Stylist Series

Guest Stylist || Mama Bleu Designs

Each month we hold a Style Guide Challenge. The winner of the challenge becomes our Guest Stylist for the following month on Pinterest.  As our Stylist for the month we ask that they share with us some of their absolute favorite items on Etsy and anything that helps visually share their own personal style.

Guest Stylist | Laura of Mama Bleu Designs

Stylist Board


Etsy Shop

Mama Bleu Designs Style:

1. a pillow designed by Laura

2. vintage fabric tote bag from green bug marketplace

3. family dolls made by timo handmade

4. harvest bowl by nelle design

5. digital print by Stone and Violet

6. table of flowers via katherineq.blogspot

7. blue bird swing tags by toodles noodles

8. handmade knit scarf

9. colorful afghan throws

10. vintage cast iron mold from lovintage finds

11.  old books from jays world


Thank you Laura for sharing your amazing style with us!

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