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Etsy Holiday Gift Guide :: Stocking Stuffers

Do you remember the day the fairytale came crashing into reality?  I do.  I was on the school bus and a group of us intrepid kids had gathered our letters from "The Man in the Red and White Suit" to see if the handwriting matched.  I won't reveal our very scientific finding in fear that I will ruin it for some!  Regardless, the magic of the holidays lives on in all our hearts and who doesn't like to wake up to beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree?  I mean, come on!  Big bearded man or not, who doesn't love receiving gifts?  I always remember those soft and fuzzy stockings filled with little treasures and now you can fill those stockings with handmade awesome-ness!  We've put together a collection of Etsy Holiday Stocking Stuffers to get you off to the right start!


Etsy Holiday Gift Guide :: Stocking Stuffers

1. 3 natural lip balms :: little flower soap co.

2. wannabe type- a note pad :: sea and lake

3. cat coin purse :: oktak

4. fashion brooch :: trees 4 the wood

5. set of 8 bookmarks :: francesca lancisi

6. storytelling dice :: palimpsestic

7. stoneware stud earrings :: a quiet curiosity 

8. lavender sachets :: gardenmis

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Gift Guides

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide :: $50 and Under

Holiday marketing seems to begin sooner and sooner each year and even mentioning the word "Christmas" when we have yet to celebrate Halloween is quite honestly - really cheesy!  As hard as it may be accept, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then after that...well forget it!  Time officially enters the twilight zone where one day you're eating turkey and the next minute you're trying to stay awake until midnight to ring in the New Year!  Yup.  That means we've passed the "cheesy-to-even-mention-it" phase and it's now time to begin thinking about those holiday gifts!  But don't fret, dear friends!  We've put together an awesome Etsy Holiday Gift Guide of items $50 and Under to get you in the mood and inspired to cross things off your list!

We have a whole collection of fun finds for you to shop, so be sure to check out our Etsy Elite16 page for more great gifts!


Etsy Holiday Gift Guide :: $50 and Under

1. custom made logo stamp :: creatiate

2. vintage mackinaw bridge pillow :: laugh love photo

3. chunky geometric knit hat :: little moscow and co

4. screen printed eco-friendly wristlet :: cloth and ink

5. geometric cactus pink planter :: sea and asters

6. stars tooth fairy cottage pillow :: apple white

7. oh hey 5" embroidery hoop :: sarah k benning

8. entryway coat wall hook :: loop design studio

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Gift Guides

Affordable Etsy Gifts :: $32 and Under

Gift giving is a 365 day event - not limited to a season or specific date.  What I love most about gift giving is the spirit behind it; that desire to share something beautiful with another.  Etsy is a gift giving wonderland, but with so many options to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming!  That's where comes in - we do the sifting and sorting for you so you can drop in anytime to find that perfect gift!  Let's get started with a little taste of what Etsy has to offer with our collection of Affordable Gifts :: $32 and Under!  We've put together a curated selection of handmade and vintage gifts - all $32 and Under.     

Be sure to follow our Elite16 page on Etsy so you can stay on top of being a gift giving superstar!



Affordable Gifts :: $32 and Under

1. wildflower wood pendant :: trees 4 the wood

2. canvas cat tote :: xenotees

3. happy home embroidery hoop :: sarah k benning

4. geometric red notebook :: mi plus ed design

5. red and white polkadot twist headband :: seven white rabbits

6. set of 8 - hello cards :: sea and lake

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