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Summer Stylist Series || Go Vintage #3 with Miss Farfalla

We're rounding out the end of the month with our last Go Vintage Summer Stylist Series by Chris of Miss Farfalla.  Each of her previous 2 posts have explored a different time period - first to the Roaring 20's and then onto the Depression Era of the 1930's.  This week, Chris is peeking into the 1940's with a bit of romance in a the cigarette filled bar.  She paints the picture for us below and finishes her post with a song clip with you can almost hear playing in the background.  Each of her period selections are all available on Etsy and would make a dashing impression if anyone walked into a bar dressed with such style and mystery - all in black!

Feeling inspired on what to wear on your next night out?  Thank you so much, Chris!

A Case of Noir

She sits at the end of a smoky bar and the neon lights up her Maybelline. She wonders if he’ll be there tonight or if she should ever wonder ever again. The war’s over and maybe she’ll just leave. Jump the train to Chicago or maybe keep going… Hollywood? She was told she has those eyes. 

But for now she hears the intro. Adjusts the seams in her stockings and walks to the spotlight. Saxaphone for four slow bars. Lucky Strikes glow in the audience. Torch songs for twenty minutes… then dreams in the neon again. War’s over. Maybe he’ll be back. Maybe tonight.

Marguerite - 1940's Black Wool Hat  ||  The Mad Hat Lady
Gold Plated Vintage Cigarette Case  ||  Power of One Designs
1940's Slow Dancing Dress  ||  Wildfell Hall Vintage
Vintage 1940's Necklace  ||  Old Chestnut Cottage
Ivory Satin Silk Pumps 1940's  ||  Slate Vintager
1940's Vintage Corde Handbag  ||  Salome Vintage

“You go to my head and you linger like a haunting refrain
And I find you spinning 'round in my brain
Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne

You go to my head like a sip of sparkling Burgundy brew
And I find the very mention of you
Like the kicker in a julep or two”

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Summer Stylist Series || Go Vintage #2 with Miss Farfalla

Through our Summer Stylist Series this month, we're putting the focus on vintage clothing through our personal stylist Chris of Miss Farfalla!  Each week, Chris is taking into the world of vintage fashion by putting the spotlight on a certain time period.  Her first post took us to the Roaring 20's and she selected her items accordingly.  However, she doesn't stop there!  I love how Chris incorporates a little blurb to bring out the mood of the era and then finishes off with a song clip from that time period.  Now, we can really feel the vibe!  

This week, Chris takes us back in time to the 1930's!

"So the crash came and Gatsby died in the swimming pool and thank goodness for the WPA!

What to wear to that little job around the corner now that the parties over, Dear Working Girl... well this sweet set: cotton print frock, tilt top hat, whimsical butterfly handbag and those marvelous servicable shoes... perfect for standing behind the Woolworth 5 & 10 fragrance counter all day long."

Vintage 1930s Cotton Print Pocket Dress  ||  Rococo Vintage 
1930s Vintage Tilt Topper Hat  ||  Living Threads Vintage
1930's Vintage Beaded Purse  ||   Midnight Mart
30s Woven Oxford Shoes  ||  Jess James Jake

Song Clip:

"I work at the Palace Ball,
But gee, that palace is cheap.
When I get back to my chilly hallroom
I'm much too tired to sleep.
I'm one of those lady teachers,
A beautiful hostess you know,
The kind the palace features
At exactly a dime a throw.

Ten cents a dance,
That's what they pay me.
Gosh how they weigh me down..."

We'll see you here again next week as we explore yet another block of history through fashion!

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Summer Stylist Series || Go Vintage with Miss Farfalla

Our Summer Stylist Series is a super fun way to get to know Etsy.  If you've always wanted a personal shopper to help you navigate the crowded waters of Etsy, then look no further!  This month, we're taking you inside the world of vintage with Chris of Etsy shop Miss Farfalla as our personal tour guide.  Chris has been selling her fine vintage clothing on Etsy since 2009, so she knows her way around and we're excited to follow along!  Each week she'll choose 4 items, share her comments on the inspiration and then she's finishing it off with a fragment of a popular song from that era.  How cool is that?

Her focus for this week lands on the wonderful, roaring 20s!  

"Oh the unstoppable 20s!  Just hop your Pierce Arrow to the nearest Speakeasy in this sweet set.  What a glorious Deco frock!  And those fabulous satin shoes!  Add the perfect little cloche, a sweet little crochet handbag, silk stockings, garters, bathtub gin and some 1928 Standard Oil stock (before crash)... and party on Jazz Babies!"

20s Silk Flapper Dress  ||  Le Mollusque
1920 Summer Hat  ||  Planet Claire Vintage
Vintage 1920s Crochet Purse  ||  4 Birds Vintage
Silk Deco 1920s Shoes  ||  Fab Gabs

Song Clip:

"Beware of frozen funds, ooh, ooh
Stocks and bonds, ooh, ooh
Dockside thugs, ooh, ooh
You'll get a pain and ruin your bankroll

Keep away from bootleg hooch
When you're on a spree
Oh, take good care of yourself
You belong to me"

We'll see you next week for another dive into the past with Chris' creative selections!

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Summer Stylist Series #4 || Cinne Worthington

Outfit #4 by guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington

Floppy Straw Hat || Preston & Olivia
Layered Strand Bracelet || Dark Ride
Book Art Collage || Magpie Workshop
Vintage 60s Tank Top || Thriftage
1960s Mod Flower Pants || Miss Farfalla
90s Round Sunglasses || THAYER eyewear
APHRODITE leather wedges || Bali ELF
Hand Stitched Leather Tote (in green)  || Caramel

We've been having so much fun with our guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington for the past 3 weeks and Outfit #4 is another crowd pleaser!  We'll be doing a visual recap of Cinne's previous 3 selections so that you can share your most FAV outfit in the comments!

So - which of Cinne's outfits is going to be your favorite?  Such a tough call!  In this week's ensemble, Cinne helps us get our retro-hip-modern groove ON.  Each outfit is inspired by an item and if you had to guess - which item would you say got her creative juices flowing?  Did you guess the bookmark art collage?  You got it!  You can see the cross over here and how Cinne draws upon the colors and floral motif, but then she mixes it up by going clean and modern with her handbag selection.  Super fun!  This look has such a clean feel about it that touches upon the vintage, but keeps it fresh with her accessory selections.  Once again, Cinne adds her magical eye for color and pattern combinations to yet another smashing and funky outfit!  

Don't forget that each item is available for sale on Etsy!  Connect with new shops and find some cool items which would literally take you ages to find through Etsy's overloaded searches.  Cinne has amazing style and we want you to connect with her finds, so make sure you follow her Pinterest Board for some stylish inspiration!



Onto a recap of the other 3 outfits!

Outfit #1
TRUELIFE by guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington



We look forward to seeing which outfit you select and a BIG, BIG, BIG Thank You to Cinne for sharing her eye for style with us for the whole month!  We've had a blast!

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Summer Stylist Series #3 || Cinne Worthington

Our third Summer Stylist Series with Cinne of Etsy shop by Cinne Worthington takes us to the beach!  If you missed Cinne's other 2 outfits, you don't want to miss out on her eclectic eye for style - press here to have a peek!  We went to Paris and then took a dive into the world of florals.  Today, Cinne is getting us ready to not only enjoy some summer sunshine, but do it in utter style!

Cinne has got the whole beach attire laid out for us and centers her selections on the adorable vintage style floral high waisted swimsuit bikini by Jayne of Etsy shop BOODWAH.  Don't be too bummed out when you press the link because Jayne is currently trying to hunt down some more fabric so she can make more of these super trendy bikinis!  Cinne has such an intuitive understanding of color and I love her ability to combine not only colors, but different patterns with such grace.  The emerald and gold tote  by Faima has a rich texture and bold patterning, but it totally works.  And check out the rich color of the handcrafted high heel shoes by Bali ELF in Indonesia - I don't even wear heals, but I just want to put those beauties on and never take them off!  Each item has been carefully considered and selected to create a walking work of art.  If you wore this whole ensemble at the beach, you would be sure to get some heads turning and lips whistling!

Spend some time out in the sun, but please - do it in STYLE!  All of the items are available through Etsy and all you have to do is follow the links below to get this look.  Thank you Cinne for another imaginative and inspiring outfit!

Outfit #3
RETROBEACH by guest stylist Cinne Worthington of by Cinne Worthington

torc bracelet || Laurel Hill
nova hoops || Laurel Hill
emerald green & gold tote || faima
sun mixed media wall art || Walter Silva
rose floral high waisted swimsuit bikini || BOODWAH
BOHEME high heel shoes || Bali ELF
straw mod fedora || Preston & Olivia
vintage 1930s sunglasses || THAYER eyewear
indian hand block silk chiffon scarf || zaipur

Next week we'll introduce our last outfit by Cinne AND we'll be asking YOU for your input!   We'll also be choosing one lucky winner who will get a $20 gift card to spend on Etsy!

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Summer Stylist Series #2 || Cinne Worthington

This is our second post of the month where we highlight a full outfit chosen by our guest stylist Cinne of Etsy shop by Cinne Worthington.  She has got a super treat for us today!  If you missed her first outfit titled TRUELIFE - be sure to check it out right here!  At the end of the unveiling of our 4th outfit by Cinne, we'll be asking you to tell us which one was your favorite and you'll automatically be entered to win a $20 gift card to Etsy.  Be sure to watch for the details!

It's official.  Cinne is my new favorite fashion goddess!  I thought I knew how to stretch the limits of the art of layering, but Cinne has a wonderful flair to her sense of style.  It's evident in the way she mixes things up in her handmade silk scarves, but that's just a small swatch of her true potential.  This snappy and oh so pretty outfit was inspired by the floral pattern mixes of Dolce & Gabbana and Dries Van Noten along with the Floral Love poster by Jessica Turnbow, shown above.  I love that Cinne has been sharing her inspiration with us so that we can see what she's drawing upon to curate her outfit.  Her bold use of color and sexy matching of different prints would make any woman feel empowered while wearing this outfit!  The bright turquoise scarf and earrings really make the other colors pop and bring the ensemble together quite brilliantly.

Each item shown is available on Etsy, so follow the links if you're ready to rock it out this summer!  Presto - Cinne has just put together a smashing outfit for your next summer party and we've made it easy for you to shop.  Just follow the links below!

Outfit #2
FLORALNOSTALGIA by guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington

Pink Calico Sunnies || Blac Vintage
Red Coral Fringe Necklace || Liora Jewelry
Eco Friendly Cuff Bracelet || leslie janson
Vintage Animal Print Suede Shoes || nemres
Fitted Vintage Floral Top || thriftage
60s Floral Pink Pants || vintagegemb60
20 x 30 Large LOVE Poster Print || Pastel Fables
Indian Embroidery Silk Purse || zaipur
Spring Green Silk Scarf || tocamade
Vintage 1950's Earrings  || miss farfalla

See you next week as we introduce Cinne's next creation!

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