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Autumnal Equinox, Goodbye to Summer

September 22nd 2013 marks the official beginning of Autumn. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you'll notice that the sunrise is later and the sunset is earlier. You might even notice notice that the arc of the sun has shifted a bit to the south. Birds and butterflies begin migrating south as well, following the path of the sun.

In this time of year we celebrate the warm colors, the oranges, reds, and golds that remind us of the warmth of the sun as the days and nights are tinged with a nip of frost.  Our talented team of curators at Elitesixteen  has been hard at work creating beautiful autumnal themed shopping guides to help you bring a touch of the season into your wardrobe and home.

1.  empty dock photography by semisweetstudios
2. fall harvest marble coasters by onedecember
3. color block pillow set by jillianrenedecor

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Going Local || Etsy Favorites from Colorado

We love sharing with you new and fun finds on Etsy. We also love pinning our finds on Pinterest. We've asked our members from all over the globe to pin their favorite Etsy goodies from shops in their state, country or town.  We then take the best of their local finds and share them with you.  If you can't get enough check out our pinterest page and see if your area has already been pinned!

Pinners: Jenn of Palimpsestic and Helen of Cloth and Ink
Home Country: United States
Area Pinned: Colorado
Follow Jenn: @jhtatroe
Follow Helen: @clothink
Follow Elite Sixteen: @elite16

Going Local Finds in Colorado--

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Our Giveaway Design Challenge with Bonn Bonn

Every month we hold our Lucky 7 Giveaway which you can enter here. It runs from September 6th through the 13th and you won't want to miss out on this months prize from bonnbonn!  The lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Bonnie's shop.  The hard part will be deciding what to choose.  In honor of our giveaway we asked our talented stylists to create collections around the featured item. Since this month's prize was a gift certificate they were able to choose anything from bonnbonn's shop.  What's your favorite collection?

Collection: Autumn Adventure

Collection: Sand and Sage
Curator: lebotanicals

Curator: 88 editions

Collection: 8 Days a Week

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Style My || Cabin in the Woods

Do you ever create dream spaces in your head? Places that you would love to live in or that second home you would love to escape to when the weather becomes unbearable at home.  I do this on a daily basis.  All it takes is for me to see something in a magazine or while I am browsing pinterest and I start thinking about how I could build a room or even a house around it.  

A cabin in the woods sounds like a perfect weekend retreat. A place to get away from the city and enjoy nature. It must be cozy and not too big.  Since you are there to enjoy the outdoors I would decorate it with natural objects or rustic meets chic.  My cabin would be a mix of reclaimed woods, pendleton fabrics, and a nod to our woodland friends. Are you ready to join me at the cabin?

Cabin in the Woods:

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Our September Elite16 Giveaway with Bonnbonn

Now that it's September, do you have the back to work blues? Our monthly giveaway might just cheer you up.  This month you can enter to win a $50 gift certificate from Bonnie's Etsy shop bonnbonn.  Bonnie specializes in vintage finds and handmade goods or something old and something new. We don't think it will be hard to find something you fall in love with from her shop.

Our September Elite 16 Etsy Giveaway runs from September 6-13 and we'll be announcing the Lucky Winner on Friday right here on the blog and also on our Facebook page!  Make sure to check out all the ways you can enter because there are many options to earn extra points- thus, increasing your chances of winning! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Fall 2013 || Color Focus: ACAI

It's finally here, well almost here at least officially. I am talking about Fall/Autumn or whatever you may call it.  I've said this many times before but it is my absolutely favorite season of the year with Spring being number two.  With the new season comes new and fun colors to explore.  Pantone has released it's fall color palette and I am going to be sharing my favorite items on Etsy that show off these fabulous fall colors. First up is Acai, a deep purple, which always seem to be a hallmark of fall fashion. 

1. circus pillow by knit frekkles
2. floral silk scarf by Cinne Worthington
3. fifties brooch by Trees 4 the Wood
4. color block planter by Sea & Asters
5. purple pillow boxes by Green Bug Marketplace

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