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   1.Round walnut spoons by  belayahvoya     2.Nesting Quail print by  UnitedThread   3.Set of five bowls by  mayumiYceramics   4.Eucalyptus Honey and Lemon Peel Exforiating Facial Soap by  Mnaturalz   5.Mixed media Onyx Necklace by  BlueBirdLab   6.Tea towel by  LefildeLaure   7.Shapes short by  laurenwinterco   8.Tillandsia living wreath by  peacocktaco   9.Porcelain branch by  DearOldSouls


1.Round walnut spoons by belayahvoya  2.Nesting Quail print by UnitedThread  3.Set of five bowls by mayumiYceramics  4.Eucalyptus Honey and Lemon Peel Exforiating Facial Soap by Mnaturalz  5.Mixed media Onyx Necklace by BlueBirdLab  6.Tea towel by LefildeLaure  7.Shapes short by laurenwinterco  8.Tillandsia living wreath by peacocktaco  9.Porcelain branch by DearOldSouls

In our previous exploration into the creative mind of designer Cinne Worthington, we went on an Ocean Orientated adventure.  Living in the coastal city of SF where she runs her shop CBanning Accessories, Cinne turns eastward for today's post to take us on an inland excursion.  She shares her story through a muted color palette in warm sand tones with punctuated color to create a welcoming and calming mood.  Her style is relaxed, but sophisticated - I almost feel like she might be blogging from a modern spa somewhere in the southwest!  Is this true Cinne...because that would would be nice!  Regardless of where you live, come capture the mood of a special inland inspired retreat!

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