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Dining Al Fresco

     Dining Al Fresco    1.Modern floral print by  semisweetstudios    2. Air plant Rope by   thezensucculent      3.City of Angels print by  jonduenasphoto     4.Miniature felt chickadee by  TheGreyWoods     5.Set of four light grey porcelain cups by  Mondocubo     6.Rustic cutlery coasters by  Galaborn       7. Low concrete bowl by  ckleosteen     8.Succulent plant stamp by  creatiate       9.Tea light holder by  Paulova      10.Printable Place Cards by  Willowandsass    11.Wood Salt Cellar by  loopdesignstudio    12. Solid Walnut Dining Table by  moderncre8ve  


Dining Al Fresco 1.Modern floral print by semisweetstudios 2. Air plant Rope by thezensucculent  3.City of Angels print by jonduenasphoto  4.Miniature felt chickadee by TheGreyWoods  5.Set of four light grey porcelain cups by Mondocubo  6.Rustic cutlery coasters by Galaborn  7. Low concrete bowl by ckleosteen  8.Succulent plant stamp by creatiate  9.Tea light holder by Paulova 10.Printable Place Cards by Willowandsass 11.Wood Salt Cellar by loopdesignstudio 12. Solid Walnut Dining Table by moderncre8ve 

This stylish post today comes from our west coast correspondent, Cinne of CBanning Accessories and is filled with the light and open air of living in California.  Being an east coast girl myself, dining out in the open air more often looks like a picnic with a grill and some lawn chairs - yet Cinne has taken outdoor dining to a whole new level.  I feel inspired to invite some friends over, whip up an amazingly fresh meal with ingredients from the farmer's market and serve it with a refreshing presecco while we dine over light music and laughter.  Ummmm...ya, sign me up - please!  Enjoying a meal outside under the stars with some tea lights and good company is such a treat.  Cinne's gorgeous selections are a fun reminder to all of us to take advantage of the warm weather and get outside for some delightful dining memories!   

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