Spring :: In Bloom

DRESS //  Found It Great    PHOTOGRAPHY //Elle Moss    ART PRINT //Golly Bard  CALLIGRAPHY //Lettered Life Shop   TEST TUBE   CHANDELIER //Pani Jurek   PLANTER //Sea & Asters    BATHING SUIT //Bikini Boo   ART PRINT // Jon Duenas Photography

DRESS//  Found It Great   PHOTOGRAPHY//Elle Moss   ART PRINT//Golly Bard CALLIGRAPHY//Lettered Life Shop  TEST TUBE CHANDELIER//Pani Jurek  PLANTER//Sea & Asters   BATHING SUIT//Bikini Boo  ART PRINT// Jon Duenas Photography

As I write this the birds are chirping outside my window.  They wake me up around 6 every morning and even before sunrise.  That's what I love about the first weeks of Spring. Along with the birds, comes the all the new growth in the garden. Everything is starting to sprout out of the ground and soon all the plants will be in BLOOM.  It's the amazing and wonderful part of nature that never gets old. In the sprit of the season the four of us ( Amber, Cinne, Jillian and Nanako) gathered up our favorite Etsy finds for our current trend page IN BLOOM.  It's a fanciful mix of flowers, plants, and everything that feels like Spring. 

What's your favorite part of the Spring season?

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