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Spring :: Midnight in the Garden

NECKLACE //Burnish    SCARF //C. Banning Accessories   FACIAL GIFT SET/ / Winsome and Green   COIN PURSE //Oktak   FLORAL PATTERN PRINT //Michelle Smith   HUMMINGBIRD ETCHING //88 editions   DESERT FLORAL TWIRLING DRESS //Thief and Bandit

NECKLACE//Burnish   SCARF//C. Banning Accessories  FACIAL GIFT SET// Winsome and Green  COIN PURSE//Oktak  FLORAL PATTERN PRINT//Michelle Smith  HUMMINGBIRD ETCHING//88 editions  DESERT FLORAL TWIRLING DRESS//Thief and Bandit

Have you ever spent time in a garden after dusk? Pay attention with your nose. It's the best time to smell the fragrant blooms especially in the Spring in early Summer. I'm in the process of moving and the land that our house is built on is a blank slate. Which is exciting when it comes to planning the garden and landscape.  I've salvaged some of the peonies that were probably planted at least 60 years ago, but I've cleared the rest of the shrubbery to make way for more native plants. 

My goal is to plant a night blooming garden by the screened in porch. Not only will it cast a beautiful glow in the moonlight, but it will smell amazing. In addition, the courtyard wall will be encased in my favorite vine and favorite garden smell, star jasmine.  All this garden planning inspired me to create a collection that reminds me of my favorite time in the garden, the time right after the sun goes down.  It's a mix of black & white + botanicals with a dash of fragrance. I can't wait to start planting!

What's your favorite time of day in your garden?

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