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Inspired By :: The Ocean

   1.Ocean's Firmament Giclée Print by  PaperThought   2.Original mixed media art by  MessyBedStudio   3.Cute porcelain brooch by  Nadascorner   4.Fish Brooch by  DoubleFoxStudio   5.Sunday Surf photo by  LupenGrainne   6.Porcelain shark teeth by  DearOldSouls   7.Ikat Velvet Pillow by  Sukan   8.Porcelain vase : glacier colour by  urbancartel   9. Jane Curtain Dress by  ErinElsie


1.Ocean's Firmament Giclée Print by PaperThought  2.Original mixed media art by MessyBedStudio  3.Cute porcelain brooch by Nadascorner  4.Fish Brooch by DoubleFoxStudio  5.Sunday Surf photo by LupenGrainne  6.Porcelain shark teeth by DearOldSouls  7.Ikat Velvet Pillow by Sukan  8.Porcelain vase : glacier colour by urbancartel  9. Jane Curtain Dress by ErinElsie

I grew up with the ocean as my playground and have always lived by the water ever since.  I could spend the whole day just sitting by a rambling river or on a beach with my toes in the sand as I listen and watch the waves crashing.  As an artist, I am always drawn to the color palette of the ocean and the way the water reflects the light.  Cinne and I both live on the water - but on opposite sides of the country.  We share a deep love and appreciation for the ocean and Cinne's picks today showcase how the ocean can indeed inspire the heart and minds of many artists!  Ocean orientated, each of her selections embodies a little piece of the big blue seascape - be it color, texture or material.  I feel soothed and relaxed just by looking at Cinne's composition and can almost hear the rhythmic call of the ocean in the background.

Artist or not - the ocean touches us all.  How does the ocean inspire you? 




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