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Handmade Style - no assembly required

   1.  Eco Leather Backpack  by StudioKarolina 2.  Gray Porcelain Plates  by GoldenBiscotti 3.  Crane Etching  by WIlliamwhiteart 4.  Modern Zipper Pouch  by 9thcyclecraftworks 5.  SIlver Knuckle RIng  by Ashkashop 6.  Gray Women's Tunic  by Kerenvemichal 7.  Grey Polka Dot Bandana  by APRILLOOKshop 8.  Waffle Tuck Tunic  by lizarietz 9.  Silk Color Block Pillow  by JillianReneDecor 10.  Grey Origami Inspired Throw   by Mikabarr


1. Eco Leather Backpack by StudioKarolina 2. Gray Porcelain Plates by GoldenBiscotti 3. Crane Etching by WIlliamwhiteart 4. Modern Zipper Pouch by 9thcyclecraftworks 5. SIlver Knuckle RIng by Ashkashop 6. Gray Women's Tunic by Kerenvemichal 7. Grey Polka Dot Bandana by APRILLOOKshop 8. Waffle Tuck Tunic by lizarietz 9. Silk Color Block Pillow by JillianReneDecor 10. Grey Origami Inspired Throw by Mikabarr

For today's post, our in-house design guru Cinne Worthington of C.BANNING ACCESSORIES curated a collection of her recent Etsy finds.  Cinne tells a story with an industrial color palette - ash, cement, aluminum, smoke, and graphite grey set against billowing steam & vapor white.  You can almost hear the hard work behind crafting each of these handmade items through Cinne's visual storyboard.  The contrast of sharp edges against the softness of fabric or the defined lines of metal all evoke her industrial theme, yet each item is carefully handcrafted with love - in a studio, not a factory.   Cinne's dynamic proportioning and bold use of images creates an active mood which celebrates the industrious spirit of handmade.  

We welcome you to join the handmade revolution and see how easy it is to fall in love with hand crafted treasures!

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