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Light Up Your Look :: Jewelry & Lights

Jillian of Jillian Rene Decor recently came to us with a fun theme for exploring what we do best here at, which is showcase our FAV handmade Etsy finds!  Working around a central idea gets our creative juices flowing and today we're going to present 4 takes on pairing lighting with a statement jewelry piece.  As a talented designer, Jillian was invited to participate in a One Kings Lane blog post series inspired by fashion and furniture, but with a twist!  The campaign is called "Light Up Your Look" and designers were invited to pair their "favorite statement piece of jewelry with an oh-so-fabulous chandelier" - cool!  Jillian shares her angle on the theme in her latest blog post while below, the 4 of us stylists here at Elite16 present our handpicked Etsy selections as an extension of this oh-so-fabulous challenge!   

//  LIGHT  //   Ena Wooden Lamp  by iumi design  //  NECKLACE  //   Fringe Necklace  by red chair 

//  LIGHT  //  Ena Wooden Lamp by iumi design  //  NECKLACE  //  Fringe Necklace by red chair 

STYLIST // Amber :: Red Tile Studio

HER PICKS //  WAVES :: Amber's selections reflect the elements of nature and take on an abstract appearance of undulating waves.  Chosen for their clean lines and movement, each item highlighting the beauty of simplicity.

//  LIGHT  //    Modern Floor Lamp   by ample furniture  //  NECKLACE  //    Wooden Necklace Pendant   by brighton exchange

//  LIGHT  //  Modern Floor Lamp by ample furniture  //  NECKLACE  //  Wooden Necklace Pendant by brighton exchange

STYLIST // Cinne :: C Banning Accessories

HER PICKS //  MODERN GRAIN ::  Cinne turns her focus to wood grain and uses it to harmonize her selections.  The natural textures of wood are front and center where nature radiates the warmth of her organic beauty.  

//  LIGHT  //   Gem Walnut Lamp    by worleys lighting  //  NECKLACE  //    Rutilated Quartz Necklace   by the forma

//  LIGHT  //  Gem Walnut Lamp by worleys lighting  //  NECKLACE  //  Rutilated Quartz Necklace by the forma

STYLIST // Jillian :: Jillian Rene Decor

HER PICKS //  FACETS ::  Jillian looks to the geometric planes carved out of various facets of earth elements for inspiration.  Structural shapes create an inviting surface that welcome touch and exploration. 


//  LIGHT  //  Big Mobile Light  by andrew neyer design  //  NECKLACE   //   Oxidized Spike Necklace  by camillette 80 

//  LIGHT  // Big Mobile Light by andrew neyer design  //  NECKLACE   //  Oxidized Spike Necklace by camillette 80 

STYLIST // Nanako :: Pig and Fish

HER PICKS //  INTERSECTIONS :: Nanako chose a minimal aesthetic in her selections where straight lines intersect to create a pattern.  Modern and sophisticated, the clean lines merge for a simple and yet bold statement.  

How would you "Light Up Your Look"?

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