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Fall Colors :: Autumn Greens

The color green might not be a color that jumps to mind when you think about the fall.  At least not here in New England where the fall is colored by the beautiful transformation of the green landscape to that of golden yellows, reds and oranges.  In September, the leaves have not started to change yet and so the color green still dominates the land.  The main difference that I feel is the quality of light - which absorbs and reflects the color green in a unique way.  I experience the green of autumn as a deeper shade of green - more rich and drawing in of energy.  I see the color green through the lens of the shift in light and air - magnificent!  I've put together a collection of 16 Etsy finds around this theme to celebrate autumn green.  

How do you experience the color green in the fall?  


Fall Colors :: Autumn Greens

1. olive green monogrammed clutch :: mamableudesigns

2. sage green original botanica watercolor :: francescalancisi

3. woodland wedding favors mini terrariums :: fairyfolkweddings

4. worthy bag olive green messenger bag :: bayanhippo

5. vibrant woodlands quilted coasters :: btaylorquilts

6. moroccan mint green loose leaf tea :: artfultea

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