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The Gift of the Earth :: Nature's Gallery of Jewels

While I was on a trip down to New Orleans back in May, I went to the Night Art Market in the French Quarter.  It was a small, but lively gathering of creatives who showcased their handmade items.  I fell in love with a natural amethyst necklace and the energy of the piece was so potent that it's been stuck in my head ever since.  Now my eyes are constantly drawn to pieces of jewelry that celebrate the raw beauty of nature.  I've put together a sampling of 9 handmade pieces which brought back memories of the New Orleans necklace - simple, modern, earthy and so gorgeous!

Which one is your fav?


The Gift of the Earth :: Nature's Gallery of Jewels:

1. natural stone silver amethyst necklace :: burnish

2. brazilian kyanite and peruvian pyrite earrings :: mineralogydesign

3. spinel array natural gemstone bracelet :: shopclementine

4. gold baroque pearl ring :: sunsanjewelry

5. 18kt gold pastel watermelon tourmaline ring :: yumiluv

6. druzy green geode earrings :: happylittlegems

7. mint jasper bead bracelet :: gossamerandviolet

8. mixed media boho necklace :: bluebirdlab

9. raw amethyst sterling silver drop earrings :: jaunebleu

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