Get Cozy & READ!

The days here in Maine are still quite warm and delicious, but come evening - the air takes on a light and fresh quality.  Experiencing this shift in the air during the fall is absolutely my most favorite part of the season.  I love going out at night on the back porch and closing my eyes, then slowly filling my lungs to capacity with the fragrant fall air.  What gets inspired in me is a real draw to curl up on the couch with a warm throw, cozy up with a pile of cushions (and probably 2 dogs!) with a great book.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  

I hope you'll join me in my celebration of the fall by sharing what this season inspires in you?  Do you find yourself reading more in the fall?


Get Cozy & READ!

1. original mid century modern blue sofa :: wcmodern

2. super chunky double cable throw blanket :: erinblacksdesigns

3. hexes olive wool kilim pillow :: christianrathbone

4. burlap poof ottoman :: lovintagefinds

5. paperback hemingway collection :: thischarmingmancave

6. hand printed navy blue water lily floral pillow :: giardino

7. modern knitted geometric fairisle pillow :: littlemoscowandco

8. silk and linen pine pillow cover :: projectsarafan

9. 12 x 20 purple grey silk color block pillow :: jillianrenedecor

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