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Inspired by :: The State Fair

Every year when September begins my first thoughts turn to the State Fair of Texas. Growing up in Dallas, I always looked forward to Fair Day, ( the designated day schools shut down just so you can attend the big event). When I think of the state fair my memories are of big football games ( Texas vs. Oklahoma), corny dogs, semi-fall weather, midway games and rides.  All this nostalgia inspired my State Fair collection. Cotton candy anyone?

The other thing that I always loved, even as a kid, was the architecture. The buildings as they stand today were built for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition. It was basically equivalent to a World's Fair and we are lucky to have been left with such unique buildings ( think Art Deco meets Texas). 

my instagram photo's from the 2012 State Fair of Texas

my instagram photo's from the 2012 State Fair of Texas

The other big thing the State Fair brings is it's annual Fried Food competition. Some recent winners were fried bubblegum and fried butter. This year's winners are :: fried gulf shrimp boil and funnel cake ale. I've put together a collection Inspired by the State Fair. Do you have fond memories of visits to your state or local fairs?

Inspired by the State Fair

1. minnesota state fair polaroid magnets :: painted fish studio

2. state fair 1935 dress :: let's backtrack

3. show cattle art :: dolan geiman

4. note cards- state fair foods on a stick :: lisa orgler

5. cotton candy stand- 8x10 photograph- tricia mckellar

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