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Modern Home :: Our Passion

I remember coming across Amber's Etsy shop Red Tile Studio when I was getting ready to open our Etsy shop Pig and Fish back in the beginning of 2011.  Deb and I were pretty new to Etsy and would spend hours looking at all the beautiful shops run by such a variety of creative people.  When we found Red Tile Studio, both the name and the bold and bright art block designs stayed with me so that when we officially met on Etsy - I knew exactly who Amber was!  (I've never shared this story with Amber, but yes Amber...I had my eye on you!)  It was in April of 2011 that we started working together on Elite16 and even though we had never met in person - we had an instant bond.  

Over the years of working together, one of the ways in which we connect is through our love of all things modern - especially home decor.  I've been to visit Amber and her mom Darleen in Dallas, TX and both their homes could be featured in Dwell Magazine!  Amber is a natural when it comes to interior design and has a wonderful modern and minimal style.  That's why I always love seeing the new designs she comes up with for her shop!  Both of our Etsy shops focus on modern home designs and so it's clearly a passion for both of us.  

Inspired by our love of modern home decor, we decided to create a new page on the website where we could share our favorite styles!  Please welcome the NEW TRENDS section of the website!  We've added this new TRENDS tab to our navigation bar and currently have 2 sections - Modern Home and Gifts Under $30!  It's a great place for us to curate a look and highlight the many beautiful finds we have in our massive inventory of Etsy favorites!



Modern Home :: Our Passion

1. pair of 1950's vintage white lamps :: project sarafan

2. wall mount bright white device mail organizer :: pig and fish

3. large print archival moon giclee print :: 88 editions

4. hexagon 5x5 geometric art block :: red tile studio

5. petite black trinket dish :: the vintage vogue story

6. wheel thrown white cereal bowls :: center ceramics

7. vintage mesh metal tote bag :: iron charlie

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