Celebrating the Fall Equinox :: Autumn Party

Today marks Mother Nature's official announcement that the fall season has arrived here in New England.  If I just look outside, I don't necessarily see signs of fall - the leaves are still green, there is even green grass, the sun is shining bright and I'm not wearing a wool sweater!  But the energetic shift can be felt in the quality of light and when you step outside - there is no denying the wonderful smell of autumn in the air.  This time of year makes me want to experience many things - apple picking, hay rides, drinking hot apple cider, eating warm apple crisp.  It is also the perfect time of year to throw a party!  Well, technically - any time of year is the perfect time to throw a party, but there's something about getting together in the fall with friends and sharing good food and good company together.  So, my collection today was inspired by such a gathering of friends - and I totally want to wear that awesome vintage cocktail dress to the party!

Do you have any parties planned to celebrate the official arrival of fall?


Celebrating the Fall Equinox :: Autumn Party

1. autumn tweed and chevron paper garland :: palimpsestic

2. appetizer party plate and wine glass holder :: center ceramics

3. 1950 vintage cocktail dress :: miss farfalla

4. copper floral lace earrings :: branchbound

5. cheese and appetizer wooden boards :: now tradition

6. still life "crottin" paris cheese shop photograph :: the paris print shop

7. cranberry faceted resin cocktail ring :: rosella resin

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