Bar Harbor :: Woodland Walk

Last weekend, I was up in one of my most favorite places here in the state of Maine - Acadia National Park.  I stayed in a woodland cottage by the water and would go out at night to do some spectacular star gazing.  The air was so clean and super crisp - and yes, it was quite chilly!  Dare I say...cold!  Hiking during the day brought such beautiful shots from high up on the mountains and even though the sun was bright, there was a cool breeze blowing across the trails.  Despite the cool temps, being out in nature was so restorative and it is the inspiration behind this collection here today.  So, grab a warm knit shawl and those wool mittens because it's time to go spend some time in nature!

What does being out in nature mean to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

Bar Harbor :: Woodland Walk

1. modern minimalist rustic owl sculptures :: studio by the forest

2. rococo hand knit merino wool chocolate shawl :: elena rosenberg

3. large landscape coast maine photograph :: rocky top print shop

4. soft woodland squirrel soft mini pillow :: mosmea

5. wool repurposed mittens :: repurposed wool studio

6. woodland fall collections magnets :: red tile studio

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