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Fresh Feline Finds

My first cat was a sweet female calico kitty named Company.  My father named her that because she was my buddy and always kept me 'company'.  Since Company, I have had many feline friends - Simon, Blackie, Pisces, Boku, and now Pico and Koko.  This feline fresh gift guide was inspired by my little boy Mr. Koko who we found on the side of the road as a 4 week old baby.  He came crawling out of the bushes and straight into our hearts.  "Fresh" is just one way to describe this spirited kitty who loves to climb the clothes rack, knock things off the counter, bounce off the furniture, help with shipping and be vacuumed.  Yes, this kitten loves to be vacuumed.  

I've put together a full gift guide with 16 Feline Fresh Finds for all you kitten lovers out there!  This collection was Mr. Koko Kitten approved too!  


Fresh Feline Finds

1. kitty says hi blank note card :: acbcDesign

2. golden hand painted cat brooch :: krize

3. catnap cotton pillow case set :: xenotees

4. meow cat iphone case :: fieldtrip

5. cat ear knit beanie hat :: bysweetmom

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