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What's Your Etsy Style :: Fall Fashion Stylist Duel

Okay folks!  We want to get your input!  Which outfit would you choose?  

Amber and I decided to have a little fun with this post, which means you're invited to play along too!  We thought it would be neat to pick a theme and then scour our Etsy FAVS to put together a side by side collection and compare notes.  

Our theme for this post?  Fall Fashion!  We decided we'd each select a top, bottom and shoes for the main outfit and then put together the scarf, ring and bag as accessories.  Hmmmm...  I love Amber's modern aesthetic, so I was very curious to see her selections!  What would inspire us and what sort of outfits would we each curate?

The above image showcases each of our Fall Fashion picks.  I love the classic, yet very trendy look of Amber's choices - being from Dallas, her urban roots shine!  Since I didn't think LL Bean boots and wool sweaters would be that interesting, I went for a funky urban vibe.  You know, for those days when I leave the island of 500 residents and venture out into the world!



1. alpaca and cashmere knit sweater aero ufo :: nihan altuntas

2. asymmetrical black pleated skirt :: kelans art couture

3. shiny flat black leather boots :: adikilav

4. blue sweater :: pig pig cow designs

5. cindy wrap skirt :: simones rose boutique

6. leather shoes :: keyman design



Next up, let's take a look at our accessory picks.  I love how we both went for an earthy vibe with our ring choices, which just seems to fit this time of year.  Amber kept her palette consistent with her main outfit to pull together a visually striking ensemble, with her ring selection adding a pop of color.  Gorgeous!  I decided to add a bit of spice to my outfit with some bursts of color with the scarf and purse, while keeping the ring more muted - but big for impact.  

Oh-la-la!  We can't wait to hear which fall outfit you resonate with!  Let us know in the comments below!

We've each put together a more extensive collection for you, so be sure to check out Amber's complete Fall Fashion Collection and see how it compares to my Fall Fashion picks



7. whimsical felted scarf :: karlita

8. 18kt gold and silver rutilated quartz ring :: b. bijoux design

9. powder pink small leather bag :: cyan by miri weiss

10. scarf with leather loop :: coriumi

11. orange opal ring :: midwest alchemy 

12. leather clutch wristlet :: art lab

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