Back In School :: Relax & Reconnect

Over the weekend I went for a walk with my mom and 2 dogs on the campus of my alma mater Bowdoin College.  As we greeted students on campus, I was reminded of when I first arrived in Maine as a young student and the feeling of both excitement and fear that filled my chest.  My mom and my brother dropped me off and helped me get settled in my dorm, but adjusting to that whole new life was quite overwhelming.  Since college students are now back to school, my back in school guide focuses on a critical aspect of college life - relaxing and reconnecting!  

Each item is $20 or under - an affordable way to get back to center.  Spruce up your dorm room with an easy-to-care-for air plant that you can hang - cool!  Are those white walls looking a little institutional?  Hang some art for an instant transformation - photographs of nature will make a perfect addition and bring some grounding energy to your room.  Relaxing is key when you're dealing with the stress of adjusting to a new life, so make time to restore.  A handmade lavender flower filled eye pillow makes it easy to pamper yourself - put down the books and let's do some reclining!  Refresh your room with some aromatherapy in a candle and get out a handmade notebook with recycled pencils to start a journal to record your daily thoughts.

Start off the school year with some tools to help you stay grounded and focused so you can enjoy all that these formative years have to offer!  


Back In School :: Relax & Reconnect

1. small water drop air plant terrarium :: seaandasters

2. soft dandelion photograph :: erinbphoto

3. mint chevron lavender eye pillow :: gardenmis

4. botanic screen print kraft notebook :: hamutelet

5. light blue eco recycled pencils :: moxiemakery

6. day at the spa natural soy candle :: cocoandbubbles

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