Stylist Series

Dorm Decor :: Red, White and Black

With Fall just around the corner that means only one thing. Back to School time is here!  Over the next week we will share with you three dorm rooms styled in three very different ways. Up first is one inspired by a simple color palette of red, white and black + One December's collection - The First Day.

Dorm Decor :: red, white and black

1. portland - wall mounted office organizer :: pig and fish

2. modern floral zipper pouch :: applewhite handmade

3. geometric notebook :: mi + ed design

Dorm Decor :: red, white and black

4. black and white clock :: abelo clocks

5. work hard print :: sweet peony press

6. red tote with cat :: xenotees

7. vintage style pencil box :: mmim

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