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Travel Essentials :: How to Pack Right

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A year ago life said, "Pack your bags - you're going on a road trip!".  At that time, I had no idea what crazy adventure awaited me as I was existing on the high of the outward movement into the world.  Life took me to the west coast and then across the southern US in an RV, it took me overseas to Norway, back to the east coast and then over to Morocco.  Through the intensity of all the traveling, I can quite confidently share my travel tips on what essentials saved the day!

Keeping things small, simple and compact was a must.  I had a silk scarf that lived around my neck and when it wasn't keeping me warm, it was stored in my bag - small, light, easy to store!  Having a small coin purse saved the day many times as I'd use it for laundry coins when traveling in the RV and for storing US currency while traveling abroad.  Aromatherapy in a roll on applicator makes connecting to some mental calm easy and accessible - I love this lavender and rose one from lebotanicals!  For me, having a sturdy purse that was big enough to store various items, but that could also fold down and be packed away was critical.  I have the milloo bag, but in a different color and it's my absolute favorite for not only traveling - but everyday!  


Travel Essentials :: How to Pack Right

1. gourds on eggplant coin purse :: oktak

2. architectural stripe mix oblong scarf :: cinneworthington

3. lavender rose aromatherapy roller :: lebotanicals

4. market tote kallisto bag :: milloo


Aside from the fact that I am a huge collector of little pouches, I traveled with 2 zip pouches from clothandink and used them daily.  I used one for storing my device wires and plugs in and the other for my favorite essential oils - they're great for organizing!  Having a headband is an everyday must have for me and with a cloth one, there's no concern about it breaking when you need to pack it in your bag.  Lip balm is another one of those daily essentials - regardless of whether or not you are traveling.  I always had lip balm handy - in my purse, in my cosmetic bag, on me at all times because I hate having dry lips.  Pucker up - how can you resist jasmine green tea?  My final tip would be to have a sturdy carry on bag that is rugged, yet fashionable.  I used a waxed canvas bag much like this one by pegandawl and despite the wild adventure I took it on, it still looks like new!  

Travel light, yet in style!  

If you have any travel essential tips you'd like to share - I'd love to hear them in the comments below! 


Travel Essentials :: How to Pack Right

5. screen printed zipper pouch :: clothandink

6. twisted multi-stripe headband :: sevenwhiterabbits

7. jasmine green tea all natural lip balm :: winsomegreen

8. weekender coal waxed canvas bag :: pegandawl

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