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Meet the Makers :: The Vintage Vogue

a natural wood  tray  with hand drawn design by Charlotte

a natural wood tray with hand drawn design by Charlotte

Hello. It's a pleasure welcoming you. I'm Charlotte, the curator, artist, designer and storyteller of the vintage vogue. Here you'll find me on a journey - sketching, writing, painting, model-making, as I endeavor to create things. Things of beauty, simplicity, and craft.

painting an iris

painting an iris

When and why did you open an online shop on Etsy?

 My Etsy shop opened in April of 2012 because I wanted to reconnect with the maker in me, but even more than that I also felt the need to be grounded at home and put my family first. I left the architecture firm I was working for to take on freelance design projects from home and soon after opened my shop. Opening my shop was part of a conscious decision to put the first things first and live simpler and at a slower pace.

sketches and the creative process of an artist

sketches and the creative process of an artist

What got your started in your craft?

I have the somewhat cliché story of always making things as a child. I remember at 8 years old traveling door to door with my best friend trying to sell our drawings. My mother taught me to crochet, I dabbled in sewing, taught myself to knit. I've never been one to keep my hands still.

searching for the perfect color palette

searching for the perfect color palette

Who or what influences your style the most?

I am incredibly influenced by form and structure. I enjoy playing with positive and negative space, organic and geometric. I am in love with the beauty of simplicity and as such I tend to favor the "less is more" aesthetic - visually as well as a way of life.

new designs in process

new designs in process

What inspires you and do you get into your creative space?

I am inspired when I hear other artists' stories. I know I'm not alone and I'm blessed to be living a dream. Even in the struggles, freedom to create with no strings attached is gift I hope to never take for granted.

a sampling of items from The Vintage Vogue :: brass  light , wood gold leaf  tray , line  coasters , paper  sculptures

a sampling of items from The Vintage Vogue :: brass light, wood gold leaf tray, line coasters, paper sculptures

What are some of your favorite shops on Etsy?

I have so many favorite Etsy shops! As I delve more into developing drawings and illustrations I find that I gravitate toward illustrators on Etsy who has a distinct voice. I also have an ardent love for woodworkers. Some of my favorite shops are:

watercolor tray in soft jade :: Up in the Air Somewhere

fiber art with brass :: Sonadora in Love

wooden hair tie for ponytails and buns :: Butternut Brooklyn

elephant necklace :: La Malconttenta

brass and wooden bead double hoop art :: Sonadora in Love

tropical watermelon plate :: La Malconttenta

gray and yellow dip cup :: Up in the Air Somewhere

walnut cutting board :: Butternut Brooklyn

gold leaf and hand drawn trays

gold leaf and hand drawn trays

Anything else you would like to share?

I will be transitioning into more illustrations soon and one reason I love being on Etsy is the freedom to explore. It's encouraging to be in a place surrounded by other team members and customers who encourage and nourish your burgeoning talents.

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