A Quiet Curiosity :: Giveaway Challenge

First of all, have you entered our Lucky 7 Giveaway with A Quiet Curiosity? There is still time to enter as the giveaway ends on Friday ( June 20th ).  Now the fun part begins. We asked our fab curators to create collections featuring the items from the giveaway or items from Hana's shop. Check out all the collections here and don't forget to enter before Friday!

Essence of Summer :: by Cinne Worthington

1. dipped scallop earrings :: a quiet curiosity 

2. metallic and gold purse :: apple white handmade

3. 2014 moon phase calendar :: a little lark 

4. gold nuggets necklace :: burnish

5. pink leather flats :: adi kilav

Quietly :: by Francesca Lancisi

6. gold studded pillow in cream linen :: Jillian Rene Decor

7. gold glitter lucky horseshoe :: cast and crew

8. limoge tea set :: all things white

9. golden coasters :: tilissimo

10. gold scallop necklace :: a quiet curiosity 

Prize Winning Cook :: by  Romy and Clare 

11. birthday ribbon :: a quiet curiosity 

12. set of 4 dipped cooking spoons :: storiebrooke

13. linen apron :: bonnbonn

14. patchwork potholder :: oktak

15. mid century casserole pot :: mungo and midge 

You're Peachy Keen :: by Creatiate

16 . ceramic bowls :: karo art 

17.  handprinted pillow cover :: giardino

18. love iPhone case :: field trip

19. geometric polymer clay necklace :: a quiet curiosity 

20. cocktail hat :: maggie mowbray hats

Southwestern Summer :: by Dark Ride 

21. geometric aztec necklace :: a quiet curiosity 

22. tribal feather art print :: courtney oquist 

23. wool pillow :: scout and whistle

24. feather rubber stamp :: creaitate 

25. ikat nesting bowls :: center ceramics 


Don't forget to enter our giveaway with A Quiet Curiosity. You just might be our lucky winner!

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