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It's the holiday season and that probably means you are attending a lot of parties. As every good guest knows, you should never show up empty handed.  The problem is what type of gift should you bring the host? Well if you are good friends with the host that usually is not a problem as you might know their favorite wine or dessert. The hard part is when you don't know the host or hostess. That's why I've put together this handy hostess gift guide. It was actually inspired by a collection curated by Jillian of Jillian Rene Decor and I added a few items as well. Bonus, all these items are handmade!

1. leather journal :: jackdaw bindery

2. monogram pillow :: mama bleu designs 

3. sweet citron green tea :: artful tea

4. citron apron :: small batch productions

5. "it's good to be home" embroidery hoop :: sarah k. banning 

6. tea towel :: xenotees 

7. porcelain tray :: reseed 

8. color block pillows :: jillian rene decor 

9. honeycomb jar :: melissa maya pottery

10. oven mitt :: oktak 

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