Color Focus

Color Crush :: Pale + Pastel

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I am feeling a bit frazzled. Between traveling, shopping and work I just want a second to catch up. That's why I chose this calm palette of pastels as my current Color Crush. It's actually a curated collection by Oktak and as soon as I saw it I wanted every thing in it! From the delicate ceramic pitcher to the black cherry soap it's a pastel party.

What's your calming color palette?

Color Crush :: Pale + Pastel

1. pale berg planter :: freundeskreis

2. macaroon photo :: semi sweet studios

3. black cherry and berry soap :: artisan herbs 

4. tassel necklace :: c. banning accessories 

5. the paris journal book one :: the paris print shop

6. votive candle holder :: host and toast studio

7.  serving pitcher :: center ceramics 

8. wooden box :: golden biscotti

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