Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gifts :: Artful Giving

When we began the process of putting together our 82 page Etsy Holiday Gift Guide, we first began by choosing categories.  Thinking like a gift giving divas, we laid out the basic framework for the gift guide to be built upon.  One category we debated was the art category.  We had to consider whether or not people would feel comfortable giving art as a gift, but we splashed some cold water on our faces and said, "Well heck, why not??"  We wanted to take the mystique out of buying art and make it very approachable through our handpicked selections.  Amber, Cinne and I curated art walls based on different themes.  One page from my spread is featured above.  Can you guess what my theme is?

Be sure to check out the full layout in our Elite16 Holiday Gift Guide and let's do away with the notion that art is challenging to give as a gift!  


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