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Inspired By :: Mugs & Hot Chocolate

When I started hearing rumblings last week about possible snow over the weekend, I laughed.  My mind was just not ready to embrace the cloudy skies and cold weather associated with snow - I wanted sun and flip flop weather to rule the land!  Well - good luck with the flip flops because on snowed.  Until it actually happens, I forget just how beautiful it is when everything gets covered with a white blanket of fluff.  It's stunning, really.  For me, snow days pretty much automatically mean semi sweet, rich and creamy HOT chocolate!  The vessel is critical when it comes to the art of drinking hot chocolate - I always use a mug, but I was intrigued by the idea of drinking out of a tumbler as well.   I make mine with almond milk and I am dreaming about topping off my sweet treat with some handmade marshmallows!  Whoa!  

Doesn't it sound delicious?  Do tell - do you have a love affair with hot chocolate too?   


Inspired By :: Mugs & Hot Chocolate

1. hand built porcelain mug :: taylor ceramics

2. modern minimalist porcelain tumbler :: karo art

3. organic hot cocoa mix :: fare isle

4. golden green glaze stoneware mug :: kirkwood clay 

5. handmade cardamom marshmallows :: whimsy & spice

6. two vintage white restaurant mugs :: all things white

7. white stoneware tumbler :: center ceramics 

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