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Give Thanks :: Send a Card

I'm a big lover of writing and receiving handwritten cards in the mail.  I still have one friend out in San Francisco who summers here in Maine.  She will always send a thank you card after her return to the west coast to reflect on our time together and give thanks - it's a wonderful way to connect!  I feel like lately I've gotten so used to pulling out my phone and texting that I've forgotten the joy I feel when I actually sit down and write out a card.  I personally feel that "Thank You" cards are super versatile and can be sent not only any time of year, but for a wide variety of occasions.  This post is really a big reminder to myself that I have a lot to be grateful for and wouldn't it be nice to whip out my collection of cards to show the people in my life how much they mean to me.  It's about connecting and relating to people - in a more personal way than a text or email.  Would you agree?

Tell me in the comments below how you feel about receiving and writing a real, live handwritten card!  And...tell me what you're grateful for today!


Give Thanks :: Send a Card

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