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Give from the Heart :: Heartfelt Gifts

With Thanksgiving just a sunset away, many people are getting their last minute preparations in order.  Cranberry sauce - check.  Stuffing - check.  Turkey...ummm - we sure hope that's a BIG check!  More than anything else, I personally feel that Thanksgiving is a time to take the day off to enjoy the company of your loved ones.  Not to mention a day to enjoy eating some yearly favs - like candied yams!  Once the day is done, however, it's back to work for us Etsy shop owners as we enter high gear for the holidays.  It is truly awesome to be a part of a community of creative makers - all sharing what flows from our heart with our customers.  When you support a small business owner, you are sharing in the joy of creating from the heart - which then you use that same energy to gift from your own heart.   

Big box store gifts vs. something handmade or carefully selected vintage - there is a difference.  I believe that difference to be the presence of the creative being behind the work - behind the shop.  We've put together a beautiful Elite16 Etsy Gift Guide to help you get started - with over 80 pages of handmade and vintage goodness direct from some of our favorite Etsy shops.   So this year - make a point to give from the heart!   

But first...let's get ready to eat some turkey!


Give from the Heart :: Heartfelt Gifts

1. yellow cake topper felted heart :: fairyfolk wedding

2. plush bunny brooch :: krize

3. personalized heart necklace :: burnish

4. white heart ceramic ornaments :: karo art

5. upcycled linen heart :: all things white

6. love heart card :: sea and lake 

7. book paper heart wreath :: palimpsestic

8. ceramic heart red ornament :: orly design

9. yellow heart paris graffiti photography :: the paris print shop 

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