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                                                         Pig and Fish   //   C Banning Accessories   //   Red Tile Studio   //   Jillian Rene Decor

                                                        Pig and Fish // C Banning Accessories // Red Tile Studio // Jillian Rene Decor

What requires a spreadsheet tracking 500 items, Skype meetings that last 6 hours and eyeball exercises so you don't permanently damage your eyes?  Oh, and I should mention that it also requires a healthy dose of OCD!  Well, you may never guess because my hints were pretty arbitrary, but our team of Elite16.com contributors have teamed up to put out our FIRST Elite16 Holiday Gift Guide!  Can we get some hands in the air and a "Woot, Woot!!"    

Yes, there is absolutely good reason to be excited about our Elite16 Holiday Gift Guide.  First, we're about to make shopping on Etsy this holiday season super engaging and not to mention FUN!  Yes, shopping can be fun - if you didn't know already!  Second, this guide is literally a piece of art.  Our in-house graphic designer / wonder woman Cinne has been putting her creative eye to work and her creative talents have brought the guide to life with such beauty.  I'm a huge fan of Cinne's scarves and just by looking at her work, you'll get a preview of how the guide is being designed.  Third, wait until you see what happens when you put 4 creative Etsy shop owners with an eye for style with over 40,000 combined Etsy favorites at their fingertips!  Mama-Mia!!

Our goal is to go LIVE with the guide on Friday, November 21st.

Excited????  WE ARE! 


Pig and Fish // C Banning Accessories // Red Tile Studio // Jillian Rene Decor

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