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Instagram :: Go Behind the Scenes with #studiolife

Being a part of the Etsy community means we're connected to an international network of shop owners.  It's been a great way to meet fellow artists and connect on a variety of subjects - both shop and life related.  The internet opens those doors and although we still haven't figured out how to host a teleportation party - we do find fun and social ways to connect!  Instagram gives us an awesome platform to stay in touch and share little snapshots of our creative process with each other and our followers.  We came up with the hashtag #studiolife to better track the daily heartbeat of life in the studio!  

Shopping on Etsy means directly supporting the creative artist behind the shop - whether it's handmade or vintage.  We're your direct link to those quality shops on Etsy so you can shop locally and globally right from home!  Learn more about these shop owners by following @elite16etsy on Instagram and checkout the hashtag #studiolife for additional peeks behind the scenes of some of your favorite shops on Etsy! 


Instagram :: #studiolife

o bliss jewellery ::  @o_bliss :: queensland, australia

toodles noodles :: @tootsnoots :: cambridge, new zealand

karo art :: @karoartceramics :: dublin, ireland

creatiate :: @creatiate :: richmond, virginia

created by storm :: @sstormster :: boulder, colorado


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