What Are You Wearing to Thanksgiving Dinner?

We've officially entered the one week countdown before Thanksgiving.  Yes, seriously...one week as in next week!  How are your holiday plans shaping up?  Have you figured out where you're headed this year and what you'll be bringing?  Or maybe you're hosting the big event this year!  Either way, I want to know if you're ready to look your best!  I decided to put my virtual outfit together and I went for a classic look with miss farfalla's vintage dress and paired it with cinne's cool graphic pendant necklace.  Fun, right?  But then I couldn't decide on what earrings I'd choose and what look I wanted with the ring.  So...I'm asking you!  

Tell me in the comments below which earrings and ring you'd choose to finish off this year's holiday look!  I'm going to call it Vintage Classic Chic!


Thanksgiving Dinner :: Look Your Best

1. vintage creamy knit sweater skirt set :: miss farfalla

2. black & gray tassel necklace :: c banning accessories 

3. gold & silver dangling earrings :: toolis jewelry

4. natural druzy sterling silver ring :: delezhen

5. geometric tiered earrings :: musibatty

6. stratus sterling silver earrings :: meander works

7. wide sterling silver gemstone ring :: artisan look

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