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Created Fresh :: Newly Listed Items

I sometimes wonder how many new items are listed on Etsy each day - I think it's probably a constant stream of goodies!  Well, just imagine that I dipped my hand in that stream and pulled out some golden nuggets of handmade goodness!  Here's a sampling of 8 items which were all Just Listed and fresh from the maker's studios - how cool is it to shop directly from the makers?  Etsy provides a wonderful platform for sharing what we do with the whole world, but since sorting through the probably millions of items that get uploaded each day - we're making it pretty easy.  So, take a bite out of these Newly Listed Goodies and let's get started on those holiday lists!     

Created Fresh :: Newly Listed Items

1. rust & cream color block pillow set :: jillian rene decor

2. holiday lip balm with pouch gift set :: apple white

3. printable holiday card :: willow and sass

4. blue & gold butterfly lavender sachets :: gardenmis

5. traveller's green & yellow notebook :: fionazakka

6. holiday owl ornament :: oktak

7. vintage jewel necklace :: lunar belle

8. yellow abstract painting :: leah fitts art

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