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My Style :: LA Loft

3,000 miles away from my Maine island home, I find myself in the big city of LA.  In a 400 yard radius, there might even be more people than there are on the island.  That would be intense!  I may seem like a country bumpkin, but I'm no stranger to cities.  I've lived in Boston, Tokyo and San Fran where I enjoyed the stimulation of the city and the diverse culture.  I love the urban vibe of cities and LA does not miss a beat!  Today, I am daydreaming about that loft in a converted mill with high ceilings, big windows, open space and lots of light.  I would fill it with my love and passion - modern home decor goods!  With the help of Etsy, I can now bring in the energy of handmade goods to my new loft for an awesome city retreat.  Welcome to my LA LOFT!


My Style :: LA Loft

1. small decorative quartz sculpture :: seven stone

2. geometric wall decor art block :: red tile studio

3. wall mount wooden magazine rack :: offcut studio

4. fuschia pillow cover :: shapes colors

5. reclaimed wood shelving unit :: dendro co

6. brass vintage hanging light :: the vintage vogue story

7. geometric cactus planter :: sea and asters

8. mid century modern laptop desk :: jeremiah collection

9. concrete totem tea light :: plywood office

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