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Affordable Etsy Gifts :: $32 and Under

Gift giving is a 365 day event - not limited to a season or specific date.  What I love most about gift giving is the spirit behind it; that desire to share something beautiful with another.  Etsy is a gift giving wonderland, but with so many options to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming!  That's where comes in - we do the sifting and sorting for you so you can drop in anytime to find that perfect gift!  Let's get started with a little taste of what Etsy has to offer with our collection of Affordable Gifts :: $32 and Under!  We've put together a curated selection of handmade and vintage gifts - all $32 and Under.     

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Affordable Gifts :: $32 and Under

1. wildflower wood pendant :: trees 4 the wood

2. canvas cat tote :: xenotees

3. happy home embroidery hoop :: sarah k benning

4. geometric red notebook :: mi plus ed design

5. red and white polkadot twist headband :: seven white rabbits

6. set of 8 - hello cards :: sea and lake

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