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Collect & Curate :: Paper + Pattern and More

With our Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy series, we're getting our group of Etsy stylists to come out and play!  Each post in our ongoing series takes an in depth look at a given theme through the eyes of 2 different Etsy shop owners.  We give you the Inside Edge on where to go to find the fresh picks because trust shop owners, we spend a lot of time on Etsy and know the back roads to the quality shops!  Today we have asked our newest crew member Cinne of C. Banning Accessories and our fellow stylist Susan of Willow and Sass to work with the theme Paper + Pattern and More - we always look forward to seeing our stylist's top picks!  The method each time is the same - a theme is agreed upon and then each stylist curates a collection of Etsy finds from their list of FAV items.  It's a fun way to shop Etsy, don't you think?

As seen in the image above, Cinne is using a sub-theme based on nature to further unify her selections.  What I love about Cinne's work is her ability to merge not only different colors, but varying patterns to create a new piece which dazzles your eye - I immediately thought of this scarf Cinne!  Choosing a limited palette of greens, golden yellows and black, Cinne creates an overarching design pattern of flow through her selections.  As we near the holidays, Cinne's collection offers some beautiful finds for those nature lovers on your list!  


Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy by Cinne of C.Banning Accessories

1. new zealand mini flora notecard set :: noodles noodles

2. metallic gold leaves card :: dvash design

3. floral wrapping paper (digital download) :: memories pictures

4. falling leaves vertical garland :: glitter and grain 

5. hand stitched mountain notecard :: sarah k benning

6. summer leaf stamp on wood :: creatiate

7. oak leaf linocut pocket journal :: mi + ed design

8. ceramic fall leaves :: orly design 

Both women are graphic designers and in this collection here by Susan, she really showcases her love of graphics.  Color ties Susan's selections together as she works with teals, navy blues and black for a very modern and chic look!  It takes a trained eye to see the potential of combining certain colors and patterns together - this was a bit of a challenging theme to work with, but both Cinne and Susan get gold stars!  I love the geometric graphics that Susan has collected and engaged in a playful conversation.  It might feel like it's too early to talk about the upcoming holidays, but we're gearing up and getting you ready for finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list!  With Susan's help, you can relax a bit knowing that we've got you covered when it comes to those modern, geometric lovers!

Be sure to check out our other 2 Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy posts and watch for the others that are still to come!  


Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy by Susan of Willow and Sass

9. gold dots wrapping paper :: norman's printery 

10. tea towel with teal geometric design :: keep house studio

11. vintage 1950's circle skirt :: 86 vintage 

12. lavender sachets :: gardenmis

13. detachable collar or necklace :: smart anna

14. modern chairs gift wrap :: shann spishak studio

15. water color painting :: louise art studio

16. geometric note cards :: karen's kreations 

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