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Inspired By :: Patterns

When my eyes encounter patterns, there is a very happy feeling which switches on in my brain.  I know a big smile comes over my face because I find patterns to be really pleasing to the eye.  I see patterns as a form of organization and I love things to be organized, so I guess it's a natural fit!  Today I went for a really bold and colorful look, combining organic patterns found in nature along with modern and geometric patterns.  I'm not suggesting that you surround yourself with this sort of pattern play - but here on my virtual canvas, I wanted to challenge myself a bit.  What I found was that the idea of a neutral palette that was accented with bright and mismatched patterns was actually really intriguing!  

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below - how do you surround yourself with patterns?


Inspired By :: Patterns

1. market spice bali design wood frame :: mmim

2. vintage camel saddle bag :: lovintage finds

3. modern waterlily stamp :: creatiate 

4. screen printed set of 3 zipper cases :: cloth and ink

5. moroccan patchwork mosiac :: romy and clare

6. original watercolor painting :: francesca lancisi 

7. arrows recycled decorative pillows :: project sarafan

8. geometric wall decor art block :: red tile studio

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