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Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy

Last week, Amber and I kicked off our new Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy series with a look at 16 handmade and vintage lights - who knew turning your lights on and off could be so much fun!  Our new series allows us to showcase 16 items from Etsy which are not only selected around a common theme, but chosen by 2 different stylists.  What makes our stylists so unique is that they're also Etsy shop owners, so they bring you Inside Etsy to their favorite finds!  As shop owners, we spend a lot of time on Etsy so we naturally know where to go to bring you some of the best that Etsy has to offer.  

Today we are diving into the world of planters through the eyes of our guest stylists Leslie of Choisette and Kelly of 88editions.  Both Leslie and Kelly offer up a great selection of ways to invite some green friends into your home - hang them, place them on the counter, or mount them on the wall.  Items 1-8 were curated by Leslie who's studio is located out in sunny LA.  I love the beachy modern vibe of Leslie's selections and I feel like I'm transported to a chic home goods shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  Like the items in her shop, you can feel the relaxed California lifestyle in her fresh planter picks!   


Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy by Leslie of Choisette

1. ceramic hanging planter :: luna reece

2. hanging vintage planter :: tgch

3. faceted hanging planter :: pottery lodge

4. metal planters for vertical garden :: ferrous wheel design

5. jungalow hanging planer :: we are mfeo

6. walnut + white laminate hanging planters :: the woody beckers

7. ceramic skull planter :: mud puppy

8. ingrid geometric concrete planter :: meina farala home

Let me give you a quick example of why our Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy series is a great way to shop on Etsy.  I just went over to Etsy and did a search on "planters".  Etsy's response?  "planters" We found 56,650 items!  I don't know about you, but the thought of sorting through 250 pages with 56,650 items is not my idea of fun.  I'd rather look at a curated collection presented in an easy to navigate format where the items have been presorted by someone who knows Etsy!  Well - now you know why we love this new series so much!  

Kelly of 88editions has curated items 9-16 and it's so fun to see how each stylist puts together their top 8 Etsy finds!  As seen through her work, Kelly has a natural affinity with nature and an eye for natural beauty.  Her selections highlight a very clean aesthetic and appreciation for modern lines where the vessel unites with the plant it houses.  Gorgeous and simple, Kelly helps you take the guess work out of how to add some green to your home!

Clearly - you do it in style! 


Collect & Curate :: Elite16 Etsy by Kelly of 88editions

9. macrame hanging planter :: hruskaa

10. metal + wood planters :: kolbie wood

11. boxcar planter in orange :: revolution design house

12. hex concrete micro planter :: pippa marx studio

13. hanging air plant planter :: mud puppy

14. wood color block air plant planter :: sea and asters

15. hanging metal planter and address plaque :: urban mettle

16. geodesic planter in concrete :: rough fusion

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