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Fall Fashion :: Simple Is Beautiful

After spending 3 weeks in flip flops, tank tops and skirts out in sunny CA - it's been a bit of a shock to my system to come back to the cool fall weather here in Maine.  Cool which quickly turns to cold!  Fall is definitely in the air now with that undeniable earthy fragrance filling your lungs.  Warm fall colors are taking over the landscape with mustard tones, chocolate highlights and shades of red - it's my absolute FAV time of year!  I love the simple beauty of nature which surrounds me and today, I am translating that into a fall outfit.  Building off a gorgeous gray palette, I'm accenting the dress with an awesome vintage wool cardigan - so gorgeous!  Pair that with handmade shoes in a buttery leather color with a velvety brown bag and cream colored polka dot scarf - finishing off the artful arrangement with earrings and a peridot ring in silver.  Yup, I'm keeping it simple - because simple is beautiful!

You can see my full collection of 16 items - all available on Etsy, so go on...get the look!


Fall Fashion :: Simple Is Beautiful

1. black & cream chiffon silk scarf :: c banning accessories

2. waxed canvas tote bag :: independent reign

3. 1960's leaf print wool sweater :: miss farfalla

4. rose gold pink druzy earrings :: burnish

5. olivine peridot sterling silver ring :: la chica de los anillos

6. gray jersey day dress :: note fashion

7. handmade yellow leather flats :: adi kilav

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