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Everyday Mantras :: Take a Deep Breath

My life for the past few months has felt like it's been on roller skates and sometimes even the bullet train!  The days fly by in a sort of **zoom** where one minute I'm getting out of bed and the next minute I'm getting ready for bed.  I realized today just how hectic life can get and thought it was the perfect time to reset my everyday F-1 race car blaze through life.  Since it's easy to default to the old setting, I love the idea of inviting in an Everyday Mantra through an item that has been handmade by a fellow artist.  I feel the key to remembering to actually slow down through the day is to surround yourself with positive reminders to be grateful, open your heart and love or get outside and take a walk in nature.  I've put together a starter collection to get inspired and begin the process of BEing present to the NOW!

I know I'm not alone out there, so make sure you share your everyday practice of being mindful in the comments below!


Everyday Mantras :: Take a Deep Breath

1. thankful tea towel :: apple white

2. listen to the forest poster :: willow and sass

3. decorative pillow :: joy love create

4. coral typography love print :: field trip

5. embroidery dream hoop art :: mama bleu designs 

6. black & white screen printed felt flag :: toodles noodles

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