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Inspired by :: Minimalist Design

The truth is I haven't always been a minimalist.  I wasn't raised around modern art or mid century furniture.  I don't think I can even remember one person that I knew growing up that had anything in their house that would have been considered modern then or now.  When we moved in to our first home after college, modern home decor was not readily available. This was 1999! That seems so long ago. It was the year that Design Within Reach was founded and when mailed catalogs where more accessible than the internet         (dial up was still around).

This early internet age when buying online was still a bit strange and if any stores carried anything in the modern realm it was very expensive. I had furnished our first space as best as I could with the typical college leftovers mingled with big box finds.  The day I received that first Design Within Reach catalog I realized I really was a modernist. After that I couldn't wait to start transitioning each piece in our house to something more streamlined and in my view classic.  

Minimalist Design::

1. geometric tote bag :: mi + ed designs

2. geometric gem necklace :: a quiet curiosity 

3. blue and silver ceramic vase :: the object enthusiast striped espresso cup set :: meilen collaborative

5. 'write' wired bound notebook :: sea and lake

6. porcelain hanging crystal planter :: bean and bailey

7. vintage woven nesting baskets :: roberta grove

8. black and white air plant pod set :: sea & asters

9. lunar phase wall hanging charm :: chesley adams

Now it seems kind of funny that finding affordable modern home decor items would be hard to find.  That's what I love about Etsy and all the talented artisan made goods right at your fingertips! Hopefully, even if I haven't converted you to minimalism with my favorite home decor finds, you've at least found some new shops to check out.

Minimailst Design::

10. pink agate slice druzy ring :: gossamer + violet

11. flock- porcelain swallows :: prince design uk

12. girl with balloons and goats :: lucy snowe photography

13. underpinning :: clare elsaesser

14. teal and cream color block pillow set :: jillian rene decor

15. jewel soap sampler box :: vice and velvet 

16. star crossed lumbar pillow :: chanee vijay textiles

17. simple matte x studs :: of matter 

18. white ceramic tray :: free folding 

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