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Fall Trend :: Pastels

Being in LA for 3 weeks during the peak of the fall season in Maine has put my seasonal barometer a bit off kilter.  Traditionally, fall has inspired a warmer color palette of browns, reds and greens - but after reading this post by BRIT + CO on 20 Ways to Be Pretty in Pastels This Fall, my eyes were opened!  Of course!  Just because it's fall doesn't mean you have to dress like the surrounding landscape.  I love this trend of wearing pastels in the fall - it certainly does feel pretty and light.  It's like merging the sunshine of LA with the cooler temps of fall here in New England - a perfect co-mingling!  To inspire your internal fall color palette picker - I've put together some beautiful handmade and vintage Etsy finds!  

Perk it up this fall with PASTEL!


Fall Trend :: Pastels

1. coral pink hand dyed scarf :: french felt

2. blue leather convertible bag :: rough and tumble bags

3. geometric mint iphone case :: field trip

4. lime green enamel earrings :: picturing

5. 1960's vintage lemon sorbet sweater :: miss farfalla

6. pastel polka dots coin purse :: oktak

7. pink geometric necklace :: mmim

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